Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

Dec. 19, 2020, 1:53 p.m.

A late riser

The best part of Dmitry’s mid-term holiday was the New Years match between the Grodzisk Goblins and the Heidelberg Harriers. Originally he thought he could use it to learn how to be doing a better job Chasering, and that had worked a bit - he had even brought a quill and book to be taking notes with. But soon he was caught up in the rivalry between the teams’ lead Chasers, Jacinta Wieczorek and Felix Boecker, and screaming along from the stands as they stole the red ball back and forth in a wild blur. Then his uncle/cousin Kašpar, who was the Grodzisk’s reserve Beater (and technically his… second cousin? Or a removed cousin? It was very difficult to keep track of, especially when he insisted on being called by his first name, so Dmitry tended to just flip between how he called Kašpar in his own thoughts and hope he was never asked to lead an introduction) was let into the game after Marek Trybała was wrapped around a goalhoop, and everything was more exciting after that.

Heidelberg caught the Snitch, which prompted a massive round of booing from the Warsaw crowd. Dmitry was further disappointed when he met up with Kašpar only to realize he had lost his notebook somewhere in the stands. Kašpar had joked they could always summon it and hope it hit Felix in the head on the way, which was an entertaining idea, but it didn’t really matter. The book didn’t have much aside from a few scribbled notes and drawings of the stadium from before the match; he could always get a new one. Besides, his cousin/uncle had been a mess, white hair dripping red as they walked down the stadium tunnel towards the Apparition point. Dmitry wasn’t sure how much effort it took to summon a book from who-knows-where all the way across the arena, but it was probably an effort better saved for Kašpar’s recovery. He always insisted on waiting to see a medic after he returned home so that the other team could see him walk out on his own feet.

(Supposedly, this made every match a victory, but the last time Kašpar had said that it was with his usual wide grin missing several teeth, which ruined the effect a bit. Judging by the reaction of Medic Rock when Dmitry suggested she not fix his wrist after a school match in the fall, she also disagreed with his uncle/cousin’s logic.)

Now walking onto a much smaller and colder stadium - or pitch - just a field with a few hoops, really, which showed how much RMI prioritized Quidditch - Dmitry hid a yawn behind a gloved hand. He had slept poorly and could admit that he was fading out a little during class, but he was not too worried about it. One benefit of both him and Nathan being not the best Chasers was that their third teammate had pulled them aside for some private training, and Natalia was both a seventh-year student and really invested in divinations. She had mentioned that they should plan their next private training not tomorrow but the day after, because they would be doing something about horoscopes tonight.

Dmitry had taken her suggestion to learn what his star-sign was, and after a description of Scorpios, he had concluded that it made no sense for him. According to the book, Scorpios were forceful and opinionated, but Dmitry knew he wasn’t a judgemental person. It also kept using words like ‘moody’, which offended him, and ‘mysterious’, which didn’t mean anything. The idea that it was popular in the Muggle world was reasonable, but one would think wizards had more sense than to follow something like this! Turning now to the student nearest him as they were released to their work, he felt he should probably check their stance - he didn’t really want to be partners with someone obsessive - and questioned carefully, “What do you believe of horoscopes? It sounds not very much like facts to me.”

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