Jason Fitz

Dec. 19, 2020, 8:12 p.m.

Bee-lieve it!

Magizoobotany was wild and Jace was so here for it. Professor McCloud was possibly his favorite professor - well okay second favorite, nobody could beat Professor Rob - because she let them do all sorts of things and had a poison garden. Jace had heard rumors from the upper years that she’d even let them use some things from her poison garden for their big Potions project, but he wasn’t sure if that was true or just big kids trying to seem cool. It was almost time for Jace to start picking the classes he’d continue with as an older student and Magizoobotany was high on the list. He knew that they were supposed to figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up and pick classes that way but Jace like, didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up. Probably not an engineer or anything like Jenna, and he thought Spellwork could get kinda boring so not whatever Jeremy was studying to do. He figured that was a good thing to avoid anyway since Jeremy was graduating this year and big whoops he didn’t have an actual job or anything. Or plans. The younger twins had eavesdropped on a conversation about that before they’d come back to school.

Maybe something cool like a dragonkeeper, or a Cursebreaker or something. Jace had decent grades so he could probably manage whatever classes he wanted but he also didn’t want to leave Jake in the dust ‘cause without Jace doing most of the homework, that wouldn’t go well. Although he supposed he could do double homework. But that felt like cheating.

Unfortunately today was not a fun day to be in Magizoobotany because firstly he had to listen to everyone’s favorite arthropod which Jace was gonna bet most people made up on the spot (he sure as heck had pulled ‘grasshopper’ out of some weird recess of his brain that thought about bugs like that). Secondly, they were just working with glumbumbles, aka the saddest bumblebee of them all. Jace wasn’t one of those save-the-bees type people to begin with, he didn’t like being stung and if bees wanted to be saved they should stop stinging people. But he extra wasn’t a save-the-glumbumbles type person. He didn’t have anything against your average glumbumble other than it was more boring than most of what they did in Magizoo, which probably wasn’t fair.

The bubblehead charm was cool though. Jace thought it would make his voice all echoey and stuff but then he waved someone down and asked “Yeah hey can we work together?” and it actually didn’t. He should learn how to do it. It could probably be useful for something. Maybe it kept out smells….

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