Dec. 20, 2020, 9:17 a.m.

Bee-cause you saw my face?

Maggie was glad to have Madeleine as a partner. She didn’t know the Draco very well, but they were yearmates, even though Maggie was a year older, so they had been in class together for a while. Plus, Madeleine was around as a staff kid when Maggie was a first year the first time, because her dads worked here. And she was Drew’s little sister, so that was cool.

Sidenote, but the Cetus still didn’t know what was going on with Drew. It took a while to get Darlene to talk about it willingly, and Maggie didn’t want to pry and make her more upset. But they weren’t dating anymore or even really hanging out, and that made Maggie sad, because they had always seemed so happy and really cute together! She also saw Drew was hanging out more alone with one of his other friends, an older girl in Draco, so she wondered what was going on there. It all just made her very sad, because Darlene was obviously sad - she wanted her nice older friend to be happy!

But none of that was Madeleine’s fault, obviously, so it wasn’t relevant right now, although maybe later she would ask Madeleine what she knew. As cute as the little glumbumbles were, Maggie forgot about the assignment completely when asked how she knew about the peacock butterflies. “I have watched waaaaaay too many nature documentaries,” Maggie admitted with a sheepish grin. “I just think they’re really cool. Did you know there are peacock butterflies in the USA, England, and Japan? The American ones aren’t actually as closely related, though. But I really like the ones in Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit England. My friend Darlene is from there, and so is my mama.”

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