Dec. 20, 2020, 9:23 a.m.

Napping on the job?

Perhaps an overestimation of Wynonna’s intelligence had occurred on Rhiannon’s part, the first year considered. While Rhia was staunchly in favor of anything involving learning, she was not convinced that Divinations as a current course of study was actual learning. Admittedly, as Wynonna pointed out, there were people who believed in it, but were they people worth studying or were they just people who were entirely inconsequential? Learning about how ancient civilizations had participated in divinatory activities was one thing because those were ancient civilizations, an entire culture that sometimes revolved around Divinations. Now, Rhiannon was not under the impression that it had been a particularly successful belief for those cultures - case in point, they were ‘ancient’ and ‘dead’ - but there were cultures for whom Divinations had been important. The majority of the world had moved past that, at least in her opinion, and it was no longer an actual relevant thing to study. Therefore, they were just wasting their time.

How could something selectively apply to someone? That made very little sense to Rhiannon, who understood the world at large as something that was equally applicable to everyone. It didn’t make sense to her that part of the world would be applicable to some and not others, not to mention what a nonsense claim that was. It was like saying physics only applied to some people. Even when you were fighting against gravity on a broom or in a Muggle airplane, physics still affected what you were doing regardless of whether or not you believed in it. There were any number of failed Flat Earther experiments that proved this to be true (perhaps not if you asked them, but Rhiannon was confident that a low IQ was a prerequisite of being a Flat Earther).

As unable to keep her questions out of her mouth as usual, Rhiannon found herself giving voice to some of her thoughts. “How can something selectively apply to people?” she asked. “That implies that some aspect of Divinations is accurate, but it seems like only a faulty system would rely on people believing in it to affect those people. All you would have to do to escape a divination that did not appeal to you would be to not believe in it which seems rather counter to the point.”

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