Rhiannon Taren

Dec. 20, 2020, 9:47 a.m.

For the easily entertained, you mean

Right, Rhiannon had forgotten that Paige spoke the Australian dialect of English, which was to say, a version of English that was only minimally adjacent to the English that most people at Rocky Mountain International spoke. Rhia was able to discern that ‘Ace, ya’ probably was agreement to working together, but she could not for the life of her understand why it was followed by a ‘you good?’. Was that just a typical Australian greeting? Not so far as Rhiannon knew, but she couldn’t claim to have done an in-depth study of Australian greetings and cultures. In fact, prior to coming to RMI, she had rarely thought about Australia at all. Not that it was on the top of her mind at any given time now, but when interacting with Paige, or more rarely Joey, it did come up. Perhaps she could make herself a dictionary of the Australian dialect and use it as a reference when communicating with them.

“I’m not as excited about this lesson as I had hoped,” Rhia said, deciding to assume that the question had been in reference to the lesson as she had absolutely no idea what else it could have been about. “A peacock spider is not a bad favorite arthropod though,” she added as a genuine compliment. Rhiannon had a surprisingly wide knowledge of spiders, but again, not a vast knowledge of Australia, so she couldn’t say she knew much about peacock spiders other than they were a variety of jumping spider, and from Australia, and brightly colored, so probably poisonous-to-deadly. All excellent spider traits.

Around then, when Rhiannon was going to ask Paige to talk more about peacock spiders, Professor McCloud wrapped up putting the charm around everyones’ heads and announced that if you had a bee allergy, that you could ask for an alternate assignment.

Although Rhiannon was generally a fan of alternate assignments, at this point she had her gloves on and a bubble-head charm around her, and had already partnered up and it seemed like a poor decision to take all of that preparation and go to Professor McCloud and explain her allergy. Rhia had never gone to the hospital for it anyway, so it was likely safe. Besides, only someone stupid would get stung when all these precautions were in place, and Rhiannon was not stupid.

“Let’s find some glumbumbles,” Rhiannon said to Paige. “Where do you want to start?”

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