Dec. 20, 2020, 10:12 a.m.

And it was bee-autiful

“I didn’t know that,” Madeleine said, delighted. She had never even heard of the peacock butterfly before a few minutes ago, so anything Maggie could tell her was brand new information. Madeleine loved hearing people talk about things they were excited about, like when Aaron-Dad was working on a new spell or Drew got going about some cool music thing. She loved the way their eyes lit up and they talked so fast that it seemed like they almost forgot how to talk. Madeleine didn’t know what her one thing was that made her talk all excited like that was. She liked to think she always embodied that kind of enthusiasm.

Maggie didn’t get that far into telling her about the butterflies, but Madeleine could tell there was a lot more where that came from. “Ooh, you’re friends with Darlene?” Madeleine beamed. “Isn’t she just the nicest? She’s my brother’s,” there was a pause where Madeleine stopped her mouth from saying something automatically, “friend and she’s always really nice to me.”

The girls made their way over to one of the occupied bee boxes. “Come here little glumbumbles,” Madeleine singsonged, waving her nettle sprig near one of the open slats where the insects could enter and exit the hive. “Come get the tasty nettles.” She heard soft buzzing inside the box, but nothing happened yet.

Well, while they were waiting for some glumbumbles to come out, she could talk and listen. “If your mama is from England then how come you’ve never been?” Madeleine asked Maggie. As soon as she asked she could think of a zillion reasons. Maybe it was like a Jessie situation where Maggie didn’t live with her bio-mom. Or maybe Maggie’s mom’s family moved over here from England when she was little so she didn’t really have people she’d want to visit back there. Or maybe… okay actually those were the only reasons that really came to mind for Madeleine.

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