Dec. 20, 2020, 4:54 p.m.

Help help it continues

The more Paige talked, the more Rhiannon realized that this was going to be a true adventure in communication. She had no idea what an Enzam was or why Paige had been there. Rhiannon would have guessed it was whatever school Paige had gone to previously, except that it sounded like exactly the sort of name you’d give a prison. That was concerning. What could Paige have done to be imprisoned as a minor? Until that crossed her mind, Rhiannon had just assumed that Australia was one of the more civilized nations and therefore didn’t imprison or execute children. To her knowledge they also didn’t use dementors, unlike some countries she could name that should probably have known better. After the lesson, Rhiannon decided that she would ask Paige about her imprisonment. It might have been a bit rude, but you really couldn’t just drop information about something that only sounded like a prison or juvenile detention center and then expect someone to not follow up on it.

There were bits and pieces between strange words that Rhiannon understood though and although she was pretty sure that Paige was just summarizing what Professor McCloud had said, she nodded anyway. Coming from a different student it would have annoyed Rhiannon, but really anything that could get her calibrated to Paige’s manner of speaking was good.

However there was one thing that Rhiannon hadn’t counted on, and that was her partner doing something stupid. For no apparent reason, Paige just chucked her entire handful of nettles right at the bees’ housing container, which effectively lured some glumbumbles out but more specifically irritated an entire cloud of bees that wafted right past Paige and right toward Rhiannon.

Completely uncharacteristically, Rhia screeched and threw herself to the ground, trying to cover as much exposed skin as possible before the bees descended.

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