Jasper Paxton

Dec. 20, 2020, 6:41 p.m.


Jasper was incredibly excited for Magizoobotany. So far, it had been his favorite class because they got to do so much cool stuff. Sure, the magic classes were cool too but this class had magical plants and creatures and stuff mixed with magic and that just made it better. The boy greeted the Welcome Willow enthusiastically, handing off his robes after making sure that he had his gloves and his wand. The young Aquila had started to make checklists for classes because he kept forgetting things. It was something that his mom had suggested a few times and he was really trying. Jasper probably only forgot seventy-five percent of the things he was supposed to do instead of all of them. For this class, he especially tried because the professor scared him and he didn’t always believe that these things wouldn’t kill him.

But now he had something different to focus on because Professor McCloud was talking about a glumbumble. A slew of questions immediately sprung to the forefront of Jasper’s mind. The most important ones were why was it glum and how in the world could he cheer it up because no bee should be glum. Bees were happy and they went from flower to flower minding their own business just getting some honey. Now, wasps and hornets on the other hand were not cool. They were jerks and deserved to be glum for certain. But bees? No they needed to be happy little bumbles that bumped into things and were like “oh man, sorry dude, just tryin to find flowers and you kind of smell like one”. Of course, that was what happened when you washed with Eucalyptus shampoo and body wash. If you smelled like a flower, a bee might mistake you for one.

Lost in thought, he nearly missed his name being called and managed to splutter out that his favorite was a dragonfly.

Jasper couldn’t help the small spasms of laughter as he watched the bubble around his head sway back and forth after Professor McCloud had come over to him. He purposefully moved his head from shoulder to shoulder watching the way that charm followed along and rippled. If there wasn’t something much more interesting for him to pay attention to, he probably would have spent the whole class messing with the bubble. Like was there any way the charm could pop or break? How much force would it take? If he just banged his head into the desk would that do it?

No. He couldn’t test that theory out because there was something more interesting. Glumbumbles. How those could hold a candle to having an actual bubble on your head would probably dumbfound most people because they were just magic bees. But this was Jasper and come on, how cool were magic bees. Magic bees we- oh someone was talking to him. Yikes, how long had they been doing that for? Hopefully not long, because he’d been distracted by bubbles and bumbles but he managed to nod emphatically.

“Working together would be great,” he said with a smile. “I’m just glad that they aren’t spiders. Bees are cool and chill and they’ve got these happy little legts and wings and really the wings shouldn’t work. I wonder if glumbumbles bump into things as much as normal bees? But spiders are just weird and they’ve got too many long legs, not at all cool bros like bees.” He paused to breathe because wow that was important. He really needed to focus. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly, plucking at the sleeve of his green sweater. “I like bees and glumbumbles seem cool.”

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