Sadie Embers

Nov. 24, 2019, 6:48 p.m.

Lots of Questions

The best part of the opening feast was the food coma afterwards. By her third year, Sadie mastered this. One needed to get the exact correct balance of carbs, meat, and cheese. It was like Thanksgiving but better; there was none of that overrated turkey nonsense. After consuming a delicious grilled ham and cheese, followed by a bowl of macaroni and cheese, Sadie made her way to the Cetus common room and fell face first into bed. When she woke the next morning, there was a nice puddle of drool on her pillow, but she felt completely rested.

Knowing that the first class of the day would take place outside gave her enough to think about. All of Sadie’s sneakers were perfectly cleaned and charmed to stay that way. However, she didn’t want to wear anything incredibly nice on the off chance that one of her charms had faded or stopped working completely. This led to her donning a slightly rundown pair of purple running sneakers but shoving neon yellow high tops on top of her school robes inside of her bag for her indoor classes.

“Solid plan,” she mumbled, zipping the black and neon striped backpack closed. Her curls were shoved under a forest green baseball cap that said “Wild Girl” on the front, and her tank top matched in color. Underneath, her purple sports bra was slightly visible, not that she cared. She now had a pair of skinny jeans she really liked (yes, her mom bought them for her over the summer; no, Hayden did not know about it because what he couldn’t see couldn’t get her in trouble) that she planned to wear all of the time. Maybe she could find similar ones on Pearl Street.

After classes, she wanted to start exploring Pearl Street. She knew she could wrangle Elliot or Tycho into going. Being able to experience some kind of freedom with actual fresh air was the only thing bringing her back for her third year. Sadie couldn’t wait.

Thankfully, Professor Anders was an interesting and cute person, so class wasn’t a total waste. With a grin, she patted the stuffed basilisk in the doorway, enjoying the scaley feel of the thing, and found a place to plop onto the ground. Blah, blah, blah, Jake Fitz was being a show off, blah, blah - oh, she liked the word dangerous. Interest restored!

This, of course, led to questions that Sadie had to ask, and she felt no shyness as she turned to the person nearest to her. “Okay, so how exactly did wizards figure out phoenix tears could work as the antidote, though? Did someone get bit one time and the only thing nearby was a phoenix, and that person went, ‘quick, make the bird cry!’ or what? What else did they try before they figured it out? It’s weird. Wizards are weird.”

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