Dec. 23, 2020, 11:25 p.m.

Perfect timing is never truly late

As the son of the head of the Ukraininan Bureau for Magical Affairs, Dmitry had been raised to understand and, ideally, utilize many of a politician’s tools. He considered himself to have strong leadership skills, for example, always being able to diplomatically resolve arguments between his younger sisters and keep them in order… Or at least he used to be able to do this, but now he had spent months at RMI surrounded by certain students who were impossible to reason with; he would like to expect that he could return home for the summer and still have the same position among his sisters, but their brief scuffle over Christmas might be an indicator that he was out of practice.

That aside, he was also a good observer, which there was no question about. Watching others was a simple but very necessary aspect of politics and he had developed this habit well over the years. Dmitry had, therefore, observed that Paola (who he was talking to now) had spent much time with Rionon (one of the previously-mentioned impossible students he had the misfortune of naming among his classmates) and drawn the conclusion that they were more than acquaintances. Hopefully his question had been phrased cautiously enough. He had not worked closely enough with Paola to really know what to expect from her, but he was tired and definitely not in the mood for a Rionon-level debate tonight.

Luckily, it seemed she had more sense and so his careful composure relaxed into a grin, hazel eyes blinking at her with a bit of relief. “Da, I agree. I do not think stars can have any effect on people’s lives like this. It makes sense for Muggles to follow stars - maybe this gives them a feeling like they have some control,” he explained. “But for wizards to follow stars, I think this is very strange.” It was a logical thought process: all people wanted power, and Muggles had the least. Even if the argument was made that Muggles didn’t know they had the least power, they would still want to search for it, while wizards were aware that they had an advantage and could use their time pursuing power in more magical ways than drawing pictures in star charts.

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