Jan. 9, 2021, 8:05 p.m.

Not sure you can really call this timing "perfect"

Paola couldn't help grinning back at Dmitry. He definitely seemed more relaxed. Had he been expecting a fight? No, Paola just wasn't like that. And while the embassy had its fair share of strong personalities, it was full of people who could disagree while still remaining courteous, so she'd grown up with that as normal, rather than however Rhia had grown up that had left her so prone to ranting.

"It makes sense for Muggles," Dmitry was saying, and that it was strange for wizards to follow astrology.

"Are you speaking from experience?" Paola asked, since he did seem rather assured as he said that. "I've never spent much time with Muggles, although the embassy did get a lot of Muggle newspapers in. Just to have a more complete picture of what was happening around world, another point of view." Most of the newspapers had been in Arabic, and Paola had struggled to recognize individual words, let alone read the articles. She realized that she had no idea if they even had a Horoscope section. She had figured out fairly quickly which words meant "Business" and "Economics," since Dad most frequently left those sections in the apartment with their Roman-alphabet counterparts.

"Astronomy and astrology are both ancient," Paola mused, barely stopping herself from calling astrology a science along with astronomy, "and practiced all over the world. So I don't think it's so strange that wizards would have tried to figure out if the stars or planets or moons had an effect on their magic. Especially early on, in history, I mean, when people were trying to figure out how magic worked and why.

"And also when we know that the sun and moon have effects on our world so obvious that Muggles can notice them. Like the moon creates the tides, because it's close enough that its gravity can pull on the oceans, and the height of the tides depends on where the sun and moon are in relation to each other." Paola had been absolutely fascinated to learn that in science class last year, and had spent time dragging the nearest adult--usually Aunt Sara--down to the beach to track the tides every weekend for a few months.

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