Madeleine Tennant

Nov. 29, 2019, 10:48 a.m.

Second’s the best

Madeleine was disappointed that Jake didn’t want to trade, but he was there first so it was okay for him to play finders-keepers. Those were the rules. Plus, he was wearing turquoise too, so the earmuffs Madeleine wanted also matched him. Pink was a good color too. Pink wasn’t her very favorite (there were so many colors that it was hard to pick an absolute favorite, but right now it was yellow) but it was definitely in the top five. “Okay, no problem,” she chirped. Next time she would just have to be faster and better at earmuff-hunting.

She turned back to look where she’d left Pippa, but her roommate was talking to one of the boys in their year. Hmm. That was okay: Madeleine would have plenty of time to get to know her roommate over the next seven years. They’d already spent a ton of time talking last night.

Pippa was going to be a great roommate, Madeleine thought. She was from Prince Edward Island, like Anne of Green Gables, but apparently she had never read those books, which Madeleine was surprised about. If there were books with awesome girls who lived in Boulder, Madeleine would for sure have read them. Not to worry, though! Madeleine had the complete eight-book box set with the really pretty covers so Pippa could totally borrow them. And she said she liked to read too so they would definitely get along great.

But right now she needed a new partner for Magizoobotany. She jogged after Jake. “Um, but do you want to work together? I’m Madeleine Tennant,” she added, in case he didn’t know. Madeleine knew all of the students because of Dad but that didn’t mean they all knew her. Even though Madeleine had lived at RMI her whole life, until now she wasn’t in classes with all the other RMI students, so some of them might not know her, especially the ones who didn’t do theater. She put her fluffy pink earmuffs on. “It’ll be fun!” she said, much more loudly than necessary.

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