Jan. 30, 2021, 8:25 p.m.

It's predictable, at least

If Paola had been Rhia, her question would have sounded like a challenge. Luckily, Paola was the opposite of Rhia. (This was lucky not only for him or her, but really their entire class, which he thought could not have stood a second version of the girl.) She seemed to be asking more as a curious question, as she went on to explain that she had not much experience with Muggles herself. As it was, Dmitry was still a little affronted at her suggestion that someone of his standing would have spent more time with Muggles than herself. He liked wandering around Vladivostok and visiting the harbour and street markets, which had more diversity in population than the magical district bordering their mansion, but even then he rarely had reason to actually seek out a Muggle when there were so many magical vendors available.

“Nyet,” he was quick to correct, “it is just a logic I thought. My family has not much to do with Muggles. My father leads a magical business, and my mother leads the Ukrainian government,” he went on to explain. “Muggles do not even know what they do.” Dmitry always felt a little amazed when he thought about that. His parents were big names in their part of the world, and it seemed impossible that there could be so many Muggles walking around clueless about it. On days when Alyona annoyed him, which was most of the time, he had considered using this point to argue that he should be allowed to leave her behind... but somehow ‘lots of people don’t even know who I am’ seemed like it would not be a strong enough argument for his parents to let him go for a walk without his guard-shadow. Maybe once he was a teenager, he would stand a better chance of getting to escape her. Until then, he was just grateful that they didn’t make her follow him to RMI!

Paola was talking a lot about science now, which was interesting and also not at all what he had meant when he said that it was strange for wizards to follow stars. What she was saying about wizards trying to understand things that could impact their magic made sense, though, and he voiced this. “This is smart. If emotion and what your wand is made with can affect magic, the bigger world might also do this. Like in folk stories, better magic happens on the full moon - maybe this is just stories, but maybe it can be real.” He shrugged, nonchalant. “But what I mean is that it makes no sense for wizards to think they can predict the future from stars, or that stars will predict a person. Maybe this sounds to you not very different from the moon pulling the ocean,” he acknowledged a bit grudgingly, “but to me it sounds very different. I do not think a star in the sky on my birth date changes me, or means anything.” To be fair, he had never met anyone with his exact same birth date, so for all he knew there were Dmitry clones around the world thanks to whatever star had come out that day.

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