Jan. 31, 2021, 11:16 a.m.

Are you saying you saw this coming?

Dmitry seemed a little offended, weirdly enough, that she had asked if he knew about Muggles. Even though, as he readily admitted to Paola, he had no experience with them. Although upon hearing that his mother led the Ukrainian government, suddenly things made more sense. He came from one of those old important insulated wizarding families.

"I'm pretty sure Muggles have businesses and governments, Dmitry," Paola teased before going on more seriously. "So neither one of us knows enough about Muggles to logic our way into what they believe. Although we could probably ask Professor Blair the next time we're in Cultural Studies."

"Maybe this sounds to you not very different from the moon pulling the ocean," Dmitry said before reiterating that he didn't think the positions of the stars when he was born didn't affect the sort of person he was. Paola was suddenly flooded with too many responses, the first of which was, I don't think that, followed by, I don't believe in astrology, I agree with you on that, and then, you keep repeating that it makes no sense for wizards to believe this but you haven't said why you think that makes no sense.And also the tides and what people believe aren't the same thing and I didn't say they were, but the way you phrased it makes me feel like I'm about to argue for something I don't believe.

"Tides are a fact," Paola said after a long moment of wrestling all the simultaneous thoughts in her head to a standstill and laying them out in some sort of order. "And why they happen is a fact. It's been questioned and tested and proven. It's not the same as why people think things happen. That's a hypothesis or a myth or an assumption, depending. Those don't have to be true. And they don't have to make sense, not completely, for people to think it's true.

"I don't believe in astrology. It doesn't make sense to me. I don't think Professor Ramirez thinks it makes sense, either." This was the first Astronomy lesson so far with anything like this; every previous lesson had been very science focused. "Professor Kaz does believe in astrology. It makes sense to him." Paola shrugged. "So even among wizards, there's disagreement over whether it makes sense."

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