Elliot Phippen

Jan. 2, 2020, 11:11 a.m.

There’s an elephant?

The Phippens were a cuddly, tackle-y family, so Elliot wasn’t unprepared to get tackled by his friend once she figured out he was there. “DEAGRET!” he yelled back. He tried to pick her up and spin her around but he was not a warrior and didn’t have enough points in strength to do that, so it was just a very tight hug and a slight, quickly-abandoned turn.

When the glomping was over, Elliot plopped down next to Dea. His attention span was not the sturdiest in the world, but Elliot had not forgotten about the fact that she was currently sitting on his face. (Haha. Hahahaha.) He would wait to bring it up, though. It was just cool to hang out with her again. He got to see Tycho and Sadie during the summer, but his other RMI friends—Eugene and Dea and Gigi—weren’t NYC-adjacent. Maybe one year he could get everyone over during the summer. His birthday was June 17th, which meant he’d never get to celebrate it at RMI but that there was a prime excuse to invite his school friends to NYC. They could all go to Peregrine. Maybe that was a better option for his seventeenth birthday, though, since they’d all be able to drink under wizarding law then.

Mama had already promised that she’d take Elliot on a bar crawl when he turned seventeen, but the Harper-Phippens liked any excuse to celebrate so he expected there would be a few different celebrations when the time came. For his thirteenth birthday present Elliot and Mama had gone bungee jumping, and Dad had brought him beta versions of this year’s AAA games he’d gotten from E3. The Phippens took birthdays pretty seriously, especially Mama’s Real Birthdays, since she only had them every four years. (Next term she would have her tenth birthday, where she would turn forty, and Elliot was sure that Dad and Aunt Cel were already planning a whole thing for it.)

“I’m great. So glad to be back,” he said. He wasn’t in tech withdrawal yet because he’d only been at school for a little while, and Pearl Street was stopping him from going stir-crazy, so everything was great. “And to totally destroy Draco in Quidditch this year.” And okay, never mind, Elliot had the impulse control of a blue raspberry freeze pop and he wasn’t going to wait to bring the portrait up. “So, seriously, when do I get to check out the nothing you’re sitting on?” he teased.

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