Grayson Ioma

March 28, 2020, 2:01 p.m.

Wasn’t expecting to wake n’ bake

The concept of magical baking had never occurred to Grayson, which was rapidly becoming the greatest regret of his life so far. Now, with it being presented to him in class form, he wished more than anything that he had had time to prepare. Looking around hurriedly the gangly thirteen-year-old found and locked eyes with his older brother. Based on the look on Hunter’s face Grayson had no doubt that he also remembered what happened the last time they had collectively decided to bake something.

Grayson felt a momentary surge of unfamiliar emotion. It’s not often that he’d want to work with his brother in a class setting, but in this case it would make him feel a lot better. Temporarily. It would be a terrible idea, though. Not working together would probably drastically increase everyone’s odds of survival. Grayson shook his head at his brother, who appeared to have reached the same conclusion and was shaking his head, as well.

Pushing down the primal fear welling up inside him, Grayson turned to the nearest upperclassman and cleared his throat in the hopes it would keep his voice from cracking. “I’m pretty good with some simple charms and stuff, but I’m…” Grayson hesitated for just a moment. He wasn’t sure just how much he wanted to let on. He decided it was probably best to keep it simple. “...not so good with baking,” he finished. “Do you have any ideas?”

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