Andrew Tennant

May 2, 2020, 11:17 a.m.

2 Sugar 2 Furious

By now, Drew thought everyone would be pretty much over learning about his family. His first year, sure, he’d been prepared to do the whole My dad is the counselor and he’s married to the Spellwork professor thing for as many new students as there were. Although it actually didn’t happen that much—mostly just with his yearmates. The older students already knew, after all, and as he got older it mostly seemed like the younger students didn’t care. Also now that Madeleine was enrolled and willing to practically draw a diagram for anyone who so much as talked to her for a few seconds, Drew figured he wouldn’t have to tell anyone himself. Apparently not.

“Umm,” Drew said. Where to start? The answer was sort of both and sort of neither. “Well, my dad is the counselor, Mr. Tennant, and he started working here when I was like, four,” Dad had actually started working at RMI way before then, but Jace didn’t need the whole biography, “so that’s when we moved in here.” Drew had a few memories from the apartment in NYC, but they were kind of hazy, like when you woke up from a weird dream. He remembered playing Assassin in the apartment with Dad, and he remembered playing with Kit there too, but most of his life that he could remember was at RMI.

“And then Aar—Professor McKindy started teaching Spellwork a few years ago and that’s when he moved in.” It was the let-me-explain-no-there-is-too-much-let-me-sum-up version of events, which was all that this random second year was entitled to, as far as Drew was concerned. “You’re probably in a bunch of classes with my little sister, Madeleine,” he added, hoping that Jace would direct any future questions about the Tennant-McKindys to her. “She’s a first year Draco.” Drew gestured to the front of the room where Madeleine was excitedly talking at Leo.

He looked at the ingredients again. What was easiest? “We could make caramel apples,” he suggested. There was plenty of stuff to cover the caramel apples with—icing or nuts or sprinkles, whatever—and then they could put color-changers on the decorations. Or on the caramel, although Drew was pretty sure that caramel that was any color besides toffee would be unappetizing. Who wanted to eat an apple covered in blue slime?

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