Mikael Lundqvist

May 8, 2020, 11:26 p.m.

That requires consumption, and I'd rather not eat a trick

The boy confirmed that cake pops were, indeed, lollipops except with cake. Actually, he kept up with all of Anssi’s questions very well - or maybe ‘ideas’ was a better word for it, since by the end it seemed like somehow his uncertainty about what exactly a cake pop meant had turned into a solid plan for them to make some. “Pretzel sticks would be great with cake,” he agreed. “I’m not sure how much icing we need to make the cake stick together, but if it turned out too sweet, having something salt would help balance it.”

Salt would be especially helpful if they were going to cover the cake in chocolate, too. Or make it into a lava cake. He’d never had a proper lava cake before, but the ice-cream parlour on Pearl Street had a lava cake flavour that he had tried once. Anssi could admit he wasn’t a huge chocolate fan, but digging his spoon into the doughy ball of ice cream only for melted chocolate to drip down the side of the cone had been satisfying - both the sight of it, as well as eating it. “Ja, I know what you mean. I think I can definitely charm it to be like a lava cake.” Regular ice cream combined with hot chocolate sauce was a unique combination and it would probably be a similar experience in true cake format. The idea also just seemed to make his younger partner very happy, so he was willing to try it. Building cake pops as a whole sounded like it would be fun, actually, even smashing the cake up (the term was a bit too reminiscent of Ruben’s hobbies, but he could ignore that easily enough).

“Thanks,” he returned, watching a bit amused as the boy raced away to collect all of the necessary ingredients. For his part, Anssi took the chance to clear off a space for them to work. As he hadn’t been entirely sure what to expect for today’s class, he’d brought his usual books and supplies just in case, which obviously wasn’t necessary any more. Zipping up his backpack, he set it at his feet and then held out his hand out, frowning for a moment in focus. “Scourgify.” To his pleasure, the wandless charm worked (or at least, if it hadn’t, any dust or dirt left behind was microscopic and not worth worrying about). He finished and pulled back his hand in time for their ingredients to be dumped on the desk.

Apparently there hadn’t been any pretzel sticks. “Maybe I can… make… pretzels?” Anssi frowned again, picking up one of the wooden sticks. As far as he knew, there wasn’t a simple spell to turn wood into pretzels, but as far as he could tell, pretzels were just really hard bread, and salt was just a mineral. He didn’t know how tasty it would turn out, but he had been practising his transfigurations lately, since Aaron had recommended it in preparation for future Animagus lessons; he could probably replicate a pretzel close enough.

He was distracted when the boy - Elliot - addressed him, though. “Huh? No. I mean, yes, my first name is Mikael, but I go by my second name, Anssi. Well, technically, my second name is Anselm, but…” Realizing he wasn’t making the most sense, Anssi shook his head to clear it, laughing a little. “Sorry, that was confusing. I’m Finnish, and Swedish. It’s very common there for people to be called by their middle name instead of their first name. And it’s also very common to use a nickname. So, in conclusion - you can just call me Anssi.” He grinned. “It’s nice to properly meet you, Elliot. I’m also one of the Aquila Prefects, if you didn’t know. Do you want to start mixing the cake, and I’ll try to make pretzels?”

It took a few tries, and mumbling different spells experimentally under his breath, before Anssi caved and tried doing the transfiguration nonverbally (if only because he had no idea what word to use). Finally, he showed Elliot the result: a pile of sticks that looked almost like pretzels. It was still sort of flattened and not the right shade of brown, but it was pretty close. “It’s not perfect, but it tastes okay, I think.”

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