Cindra Embers

May 24, 2020, 11:48 a.m.

DADA Years 5-7: Fix It, Felix!

Apparently, Cindra’s niece was having a hard time at school. The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor felt guilty for not noticing before. From what she could tell, Sadie seemed happy. She had her friends and always found something to keep her entertained. Especially her friends. The younger years were definitely gearing up to give the older students a run for their galleons to see who could create more trouble.

Her older sister said Cindra was supposed to have noticed, though, and they got into a small argument. Something about how Cindra always had her head in the clouds and never noticed the little things, that that was the reason it took Cosette so long to ask her for help when they were in school, and then Cindra stopped paying attention because she noticed a new weed in her garden. Before Cosette left, she briefly got Cindra back into their conversation by shoving a bunch of stuff into her arms and saying it was for Sadie’s class, so she could have something interesting to do.

...well, Cindra heard that part, but she also thought that maybe Sadie’s year group was a little young for this. She could find something fun for the younger years - like playing with a kappa in the Rec Center’s swimming pool! Yes, that’s what the little ones would do. They’d definitely find that fun and not at all boring.

That day, when the upper years walked in, they’d find the front table of the room full of broken dark detectors. Cindra didn’t ask why Cosette had a ton of broken detectors. Like, way too many for one person. But Cindra made sure they were stripped of ownership so when the students fixed them, they wouldn’t accidentally summon a dark wizard or anything to the classroom. She was, like, ninety percent sure they were safe enough to play with.

“Hello all,” she chirped from her seat behind all the objects. Usually she sat on the table, but there were too many items. “As you can see here, I have some broken dark detectors for us to fix today. Who can tell me what a dark detector is?”

She called on the first student she saw and praised their correct answer. “Yes! Perfect. We have lots of them here today. Foe-Glasses, Probity Probes, Sneakoscopes, Secrecy Sensors… and there are enough for everyone. If you fix yours, you can keep it! I still want you to partner up, though, while you work to fix these items. Two heads are better than one!”

With a wave of her wand, a list of helpful spells the students could use appeared on Mr. Chalkboard. Poor Mr. Chalkboard wasn’t feeling well, so Cindra didn’t plan on making him move around. Probably inhaled too much chalk dust. “A simple reparo might work on some parts of these, but not all. We also have some spellotape, fairy dust, graphorn paste, anything you can think of that might be useful.”

Feeling that she’d given enough instructions - despite the fact that her students tended to agree that she never gave enough - she gestured at all the broken detectors in front of her. “What are you waiting for? Fix ‘em up!”

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