Andrew Tennant

June 20, 2020, 12:40 p.m.

Or how about “Do it, Drew”?

As Cindra’s direction, Drew looked over the broken Dark Detectors arrayed at the front of the room. His only enemy was Connor (and DJ that one time but they were cool now, and Malachi Crenton but Drew was pretty sure that was one-sided and he had never even punched the guy), and Connor usually announced both his presence and his awfulness in unsecret ways. Drew didn’t need a Foe-Glass to let him know when Connor was going to come around and spout some new prejudices.

So no Foe-Glass. Probity Probes didn’t seem that useful either—what was he gonna do, carry it around and wand people he thought might be hiding things?—and a Secrecy Sensor just seemed like a cross between a probe and a sneakoscope, but less portable. Sneakoscope it was, then. Drew grabbed the one that looked the most broken. Dents and cracks could be reparo’ed out easily. If the shell was the most busted thing about his Sneakoscope then maybe there was nothing too wrong with it, magically-speaking.

Drew really appreciated Cindra letting them choose their own partners in her classes, unlike certain Cultural Studies professors. Most of his friends were taking Defense Against the Dark Arts, so finding a partner would be no problem. He scanned the room. “Anssi!” he called, surprised to see this particular friend in the row in front of him. Maybe he was wrong?

But no, it was Anssi. Drew nodded along to his explanation. It didn’t matter if he was behind, Drew decided. Anssi might not be caught up in DADA, but he’d always been competent in Self-Defense Club, and anyway, they’d be working on their own dark detectors, so it wasn’t like he was going to hold Drew back. (Also Drew wasn’t convinced Cindra understood grades, so his grade in the class would really be fine.)

“Yeah, no worries, let’s work together,” Drew said. He moved to the seat beside Anssi and held up his scraped and dented Sneakoscope. “I’m gonna try to figure out if Huburt is as honest as he says he is,” Drew added, mostly joking. It would be hilarious if his uptight roommate set off the dark detector. “So how come you picked up Defense again? I thought you didn’t like it.”

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