Summer Brooks

Sept. 7, 2020, 3:28 p.m.

Making My First Appearance!

Having only gotten to Rocky Mountain International approximately an hour ago, Summer Brooks wasn’t entirely sure what she was supposed to be doing. Her mom accepted a new job at the last minute - apparently the school’s former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher just up and vanished - and they came immediately. Her mom shoved a schedule in Summer’s hands, kissed the top of the new Lyra’s head, and she rushed away.

Thankfully, Summer was used to random changes like this. Bouncing from Renaissance Faire to Renaissance Faire prepared a person for sudden changes in home and environment. She couldn’t have predicted boarding school as one of the places on the list, but here she was anyway. And, apparently, she was supposed to be at a class called Spellwork in less than an hour.

She pulled her new robes over her pastel pink blouse with a white Peter Pan collar. They billowed over her already knee-length blue skirt, but they stopped before they touched the floor. She could still see her black ballerina flats. Summer couldn’t remember if her mom even packed school supplies, since she’d been so focused on getting up and going, so she shouldered her mostly empty leaf shaped messenger bag and started walking. She had her wand. That had to be the most important thing for this “Spellwork” class.

The other important thing definitely turned out to be finding it at all. A couple of students and one helpful portrait later, Summer walked into the Practical Lab and took a seat towards the back, just in case this was the wrong room and she needed to bolt immediately.

Professor McKindy introduced himself and confirmed he was the Spellwork professor, so Summer relaxed in her chair. Mission accomplished - she made it to her first class despite having no clue where she actually was. It was like navigating a new Faire for the first time. Summer rarely used a map. She’d rather talk to other performers or people at booths to find places to explore. She loved to talk to new people, which is why she was glad that she was at least allowed to talk to someone else during this assignment. Turns out, she didn’t even need her maple wand, the one thing she grabbed, after all.

“Hi!” Summer greeted her closest classmate brightly, blue eyes big with excitement. She was nervous about being at a school, since she’d only been homeschooled her whole life in different tents and fields, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t make friends just as easily here. “I’m Summer. I just got here this morning; I missed the Opening Feast. I think you’re the first person I’ve gotten to talk to here so far. Do you want to work together?”

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