Wynonna Wakefield

Sept. 7, 2020, 4:24 p.m.

Well, I guess we're off to a great start, then!

Madeleine seemed...very excitable. Fun. Perhaps a bit odd, but like, in a good way? At least, that was how Wynonna interpreted the other girl's fast talking and bright smile.

She seemed nice (even if her being so bright did freak her out a little bit). That's what Wyn settled on.

And then Madeleine introduced herself, and lightbulbs went on in Wyn's head. This girl was the daughter of their professor and Lyra's head of house. Which meant that Madeleine would be a very good person to make a friend out of.

You know. Kinda for, like, insurance.

Seeing the heart around the word family kind of made Wynonna sick to her stomach a little bit and promptly decided that her family was not part of what made her Wynonna Wakefield, other than her last name. Honestly, she was happy she was finally at school--she wasn't certain how much longer she could stand living in that big empty house year-round.

"That's nice. I didn't know they were your dads," Wynonna replied, before placing the tip of her quill against cheek. Biting her quill was a habit she was desperately trying to be rid of. "Um, I think maybe curiosity or ambition might make me, me. I like learning about things." Especially secret things.

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