Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

Sept. 7, 2020, 5 p.m.

Great minds think alike

“Oooh, that’s a really good one,” Madeleine said, watching Wynonna write her answer down on her half of the parchment. “What kinds of things do you like to learn about? I love learning about magic and also music.”

Madeleine thought curiosity would also work for herself: she liked learning new things too, and solving mysteries (and after all it was such a Draco thing and Madeleine was such a Draco). Madeleine didn’t think of herself as particularly ambitious, except that she’d wanted to learn all the magic she could before she started at RMI, and she had already decided she was going to ask Aaron-Dad to start giving her Animagus lessons this year. Maybe she was ambitious. But she didn’t want to look like she was copying her new firstie friend, so she would just wait and come up with something else.

Madeleine sat back in her seat and thought hard. Today she was wearing her straight brown hair down loose around her shoulders, and she twirled a lock of it around one finger while she thought. What made her her, besides her family? To be fair, her family was a big one, and she hadn’t even put everyone on. If she added Jessie and Kit and Marissa and Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott and Aunt Kat and Josh and Uncle Bennet (she saw him a lot less than the others but he was still part of the family) then that would take up all of her room! And that wasn’t even counting people like Kizzy, the head house elf at RMI, who had been around for Madeleine’s whole life too.

When she thought about how she got to be who she was like this, it made Madeleine think that people were like potions. And lots of different other people were putting in ingredients and stirring and waving their wands over you while you were growing up, and they helped you turn out into a good potion that did something, and not a sad suspicious soup made of potion ingredients that didn’t go together. When she grew up, Madeleine wanted to be someone who helped other people become excellent.

“I like to help people,” she said, and put that down on her part of the paper. “And animals. I like animals. Oh, do you think we should put hobbies and stuff too? Do those things make me, me, or do I like them because I was me already?”

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