Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

Sept. 7, 2020, 5 p.m.

I'm inclined to agree

Due to the number of formal events he attended with his parents, the majority of which involved being introduced as their eldest son to business associates of his father or political figures from his mother’s office, Dmitry had a lot of practice meeting different types of people. Not ‘types’ as in social standing, for obvious reasons. These first days at RMI were the most he had ever spent among any people of lower class or blood heritage than his own, let alone children. But he had experience with a wide variety of nationalities, ethnicities, titles, and names - which is how he knew as soon as the girl beside him introduced herself that he had never heard a name like that before.

“It is nice to be meeting you, Reeeonon,” he returned politely, not realizing until it was too late that he had stretched out the first syllable more than she had said it. That was a bit embarrassing, but Dmitry told himself that she might not have noticed. He made a quick note on the edge of his parchment for future reference, making his best guess at the spelling of her name; Рионон was probably not how it was written in English, but it would remind him of how to say it the next time they met in class. He expected he would be able to remember it, as he was normally good with names and a strange American name should stick in his memory, but it couldn’t hurt to have a note, just in case.

Rionon’s response started off in agreement and ended the opposite way. Some of the phrases she used were new to him, such as ‘observation by us’ which didn’t really make sense, but he could figure out that she disagreed with him. In fact, by the end he had the feeling that she was criticizing him for even thinking this way, which prickled him a little. He had just been sharing what he thought - if she didn’t agree, that was fine, but that didn’t have to mean that she was right and he was wrong. Pulling apart his opinion like that was not necessary and Dmitry found himself frowning as she went on. He caught himself quickly, hazel eyes widening back to normal, and gave a tip of his head that was more generic acknowledgement of the fact she had spoken than of what she had said exactly. “Thank you for sharing what you think,” he returned a bit pointedly, emphasizing the word think.

With a dismissive glance down, the brunette pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment and folded it in half, the crease marking a line down the middle when he laid it open on the desk. He was not entirely sure what type of things he should be listing. But it was proper to allow her to go first anyways, so he nudged the parchment towards Rionon. “We can be starting now, da? You can have it first.”. There were many things that made Dmitry himself, mostly linked to his family and culture, but he was already thinking ahead to the second part of the assignment, which was to find out how those things related to his wand. He couldn’t imagine that being the child of a government authority or the only boy in his household had dictated his wand being made of black walnut, for example. His wand purchase had not been particularly interesting; his father had taken him to the same wandmaker his wand had been crafted by, and Dmitry had been directed to touch a finger to several boxes before the wandmaker stepped forward and slid one out of the shelf. When his fingers closed around it for the first time, he felt a surge of cool air flowing up his arm, but he imagined the same could have happened for any other wand too.

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