Jasper Paxton

Sept. 9, 2020, 1:05 a.m.

First impressions too!

Jasper was more anxious than he could remember being in a long time. For starters, he was late to all of this and he swore that it wasn’t his fault. He’d put it all just where mom had told him to, at the foot of his bed so it wouldn’t be mistaken for any of the boxes that they were still unpacking. It wasn’t like they had moved far or anything, but stuff in the house had been in boxes for what felt like forever and they were only just managing to get them all unpacked. They moved a few months ago, following a new job, but it was just a few districts over from where the Paxton kids had grown up. It was a bit crazy because suddenly Penny needed adjustment to a new daycare and Rich was starting in a new highschool and like all things, Jasper fell to the wayside. In all likelihood, it was Rich who hid the dreamcatcher behind the couch in the first place.

Either way, he was late and had to, erm, floo into the principal, erm headmasters office. According to the old man, the opening feast was over and Jasper had already missed it, so really all he could do was scurry off to his new room, which notably had two beds that were currently empty. After that it was off to sleep and that definitely didn’t go well. The blonde boy had enough trouble sleeping normally and in a new place without Richard six feet below him the bunk bed they shared, his brain definitely didn’t stop. After all, he was already the new kid that had missed the big opening, which would definitely make him the odd kid out for the class schedule he’d been handed.

His lack of roommate (because apparently there weren’t any boys in the year above him in this grey-Aquila house) and the silence that was in his room meant that he was awake for most of the night. Which also meant that he was more than tired the next day. During one of his first few classes, Spellwork (because how freakin cool was that?) he was too anxious and tired to focus on one thing, which made for a very fidgety Jasper. The teacher, er professor, er man, dude, bro - whatever he was, proceeded to talk about a very many things that the young boy struggled to grasp. Like what was an an-ee-maj-us and why what did it have to do with spellwork? Then the guy went on to talk about the wand and the young Aquila suddenly panicked, wondering if he’d remembered to stash it away in a pocket of his slightly too large robe. It wasn’t like he could check, that would be too obvious. He vaguely remembered stashing it away in his bag, so hopefully it was there.

Jasper’s mind reeled at all the different things the professor was saying. His wand could be made out of a chupacabra? Like BIGFOOT? It didn’t matter that it was bigfoot’s tooth to be specific (he was pretty sure that’s what a chupacabra was) AND that bigfoot actually existed. He didn’t know what a warg was, but he was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be all that fun to look at. All he could picture was something literally yelling “warg” at him and it was all he could do to stifle some silent giggles. But oh wait, there were more instructions and suddenly he had to work with a PARTNER and wasn’t that just peachy. Interactions were hard and he looked around wildly only to nearly jump when someone else turned to him.

“Hi!” He exclaimed, feeling incredibly nervous and his eyes widened in response. Suddenly every ounce of his body was on high alert and his brain was going a mile a minute. But what she was saying made him feel a little better because he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t been at the opening feast. He heaved a small sigh and his smile brightened. “I’m Jasper and don’t worry I only got here last night. I missed the opening thingie too because I sort of lost my feather thing, er dreamcatcher right? And well I had to go through the fireplace and I was pretty sure that I was going to get lit on fire but I didn’t! And then I wound up here and woah, this place is crazy.”

It took Jasper a second to realize that he was literally saying everything that popped into his head before he could filter it out because the girl in front of him had definitely not asked for all this information. He tried to stop talking, or at least talk at a normal pace, a furious blush of embarrassment coating his features. “But yeah, yeah working with you would totally be great as long as you don’t mind. And OH-” That reminded him that they were supposed to do a thing with their wand after they talked about themselves and he was digging through his bag to produce the twig. “Aha! Here it is.” Gingerly, he set the item on the table in front of him, finally quiet for a second before continuing. “I was worried I didn’t have it. I can be forgetful sometimes. I didn’t think I’d brought it.” He smiled sheepishly. “I guess that’s er, something about me though right? I forget things?” It wasn’t the greatest trait thing, but at least it was something to start them off.

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