Summer Brooks

Sept. 10, 2020, 6:32 p.m.

And a second glance

Summer couldn’t believe it! She’d managed to find another student who hadn’t gone to the Opening Feast. How many kids were in the same boat? Did Rocky Mountain International bring in a lot of students last minute for some kind of weird quota? Were they only allowed funding if they had a certain number of students? Or, more likely, was she and this guy the only ones and it was simply a crazy random happenstance? She’d have to ask around. This was so interesting!

And his name was Jasper! That would be easy to remember. One of her mom’s partners was named Jasper. Summer loved Jasper. He didn’t have kids like Ramona, who had triplets that did the Renaissance Faire life like Summer had done until an hour ago, but he was like a big kid so it didn’t matter. He loved teaching different juggling tricks, and he had amazing balance. Summer was convinced that Jasper - she’d have to start calling him Mom’s Jasper since there was a school one - could stand on anything and not fall down. The walking globe wasn’t a skill Summer felt ready to learn yet, but she thought it was so cool when Mom’s Jasper would juggle torches on his ginormous rainbow globe. She gravitated more towards the Rolla Bollas, but Mom said she couldn’t start using those and juggling the fun stuff (sharp things and fire) until she was a little older.

Anyway, School Jasper introduced himself and immediately made her feel better. “Phew! I only got here, like, an hour ago? I haven’t even seen my room yet! I’m glad I’m not the only one who missed out on the Feast. I had to ask a portrait where Spellwork even was. I’ve only seen, like, some hallways and this room. And you!”

She didn’t notice he’d babbled at her; it felt nice to return the babbling in kind. Her nervous-excited energy felt like an out of control potion. She’d boil over any minute and everyone needed to hope it wasn’t the kind of potion that ate stuff or caused fires. This Jasper seemed like a scatterbrain, but he made her smile. This was going to be fun.

“I’ve got my wand too,” Summer said proudly. She placed it gently on the table. Her wand was made of Maple wood and she knew the core was a unicorn tail hair. It would be fun to find out what that “meant.” It was like Ramona’s obsession with astrology: Summer thought there had to be some validity to it, but how much? “We can write that down for you!”

It was then that she realized her leaf-shaped bag didn’t have a notebook or anything useful for writing. Being at school for only an hour really made her seem unprepared. That was a big yikes. “Do you have paper and something to write with? I promise I’m not also forgetful. I didn’t pack my bag well, is all. Something that’s actually true about me…” she pondered this for a moment. “I really like learning new things?”

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