Sept. 14, 2020, 7:33 a.m.

I guess we're in the right class then

There was a twinge of annoyance when the boy sitting next to her pronounced her name wrong. Rhiannon did not like it when people pronounced her name wrong, although it happened not infrequently - usually at places like the dentist. Shortly after mispronouncing her name, though, Dmitry made some sort of note in Cyrilic on his parchment. If it was a note on how to pronounce her name, Rhia supposed she could probably forgive him. After all, Rhiannon was not a common American name and Dmitry was clearly not a native English speaker. In fact, Rhiannon had never met anyone with her name, and it was never on any of the kitschy keychains or anything that you saw at tourist trap stops.

However, the emphasis that Dmitry put on the word think when he responded to her perfectly logical point about wands rankled Rhia. It was clear that he did not believe her, and that he thought her point was merely opinion despite her suggestion that there were statistics indicating that he was wrong. Okay, she didn’t have immediate access to those statistics, but the least he could have done was agree that there might be hard facts proving one of them right. Instead, he considered it Rhia’s opinion. Rhiannon Taren did not do things based on her opinion, she did things based on facts and observation, and she would bet that she had been exposed to more magical people, namely the students rotating through her aunt’s PhD program, than Dmitry had. Moreover, people who were pursuing a PhD tended to be academically skilled which indicated further that her point was correct.

She would find the statistics after class, Rhia decided, and then show Dmitry how he was wrong.

He did let her go first on the parchment he pulled out though, which indicated to her that he had some entirely messed-up sense of gender interactions. Another point against him. Rhia hadn’t spent much time with boys, but she would have hoped in a magical school there was more of an understanding of equality of the sexes. Still, since Dmitry had clearly demonstrated his inability to defer to facts and common sense so far, Rhia decided not to make a fuss about it and instead, took the parchment with an icy ‘thank you’.

“Well obviously I’m intelligent,” Rhia had pulled out her quill and was writing on the parchment with neat, clear lettering. “And I’m observant, too. And I like to learn.” What were other things that made up who she was? Maybe things related to her past? But she wasn’t sure that those were what the professor had meant. “Should I write things about where I come from down too? Do you think the professor meant us to include that? My aunt homeschooled me, she’s a cultural anthropologist, and I know that I want to be one too when I’m done with school. I want to study death rites and traditions,” Rhia added, proud that she had a plan. Prepared, she added to her list of traits.

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