Professor Kristen Brooks

Sept. 26, 2020, 12:46 p.m.

Suit Up! (Beginner DADA Years 1-3)

The beginner students of Defense Against the Dark Arts were approaching the end of their basic spells unit, and walking into class today brought them to a culmination of everything they learned. Professor Kristen Brooks had turned the Practical Lab into something new - students with Muggle backgrounds would say it reminded them of a laser tag room. Slightly dark, with lots of hidden corners and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. Who knew what was around the corner?

“Welcome, welcome,” she greeted the first through third years once they’d all gathered at the entrance of her new maze. Professor Brooks wasn’t sure how she was supposed to actually teach students with such different ranges - were the third years doing their, well, third year of the same curriculum? How did that make sense? - but she decided that fun challenges were the way to go. “Once our last straggler makes it in, we’ll get started.”

Her long hair was green today and pulled back into a tight ponytail. Under her robes was a black long sleeved athletic shirt and leggings, just in case she needed to do some running around in class today. No matter what she did, kids at Rocky Mountain International managed to get themselves into trouble. In a physical class like this one, she’d rather be prepared than sorry. Once everyone seemed settled, she jumped right into her quick lecture.

“As you know, we’ve been practicing three basic spells. Who can remind those of us who don’t make it to every class what we’ve covered?”

She called on three different students who gave one spell each: expelliarmus, stupify, and protego. Each student received a point for their house before she continued.

“Today, you’re going to practice all three when you enter our little labyrinth here. With a partner, you’re going to go up against three types of opponents - one in a red sweater, one in a green sweater, and one in a blue sweater.” There were plenty of them to go around; she’d worked hard finding different mobile things to enchant. Perhaps students would find a suit of armor in a red sweater or a giant polar bear stuffed animal in a green sweater. “If it’s red, you’re going to hit them with stupify. Green, expelliarmus. Blue? Well, you better get your shields up quickly before they hit you instead. If they sneak up on you or you use the wrong spell, you’re going to get hit instead.” They were enchanted to shoot little paint balls at students, but she didn’t feel like telling them that. “I will be observing to check your technique, accuracy, strength, and assign points. The pair that defeats the most opponents in our time together today will get bonus house points.”

That covered that. It was a day for them to practice what they’d learned and for Professor Brooks to note who needed extra work. Hopefully after this they could move on to some different spells. “Partner up and head inside. I’ll be watching.”

OOC: Hey all! Tag me if you have any questions and have fun. Extra creative posts will get some bonus points for their house!

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