Margaret Booth

Sept. 26, 2020, 1:09 p.m.

Well, I'm an open book!

Maggie wasn’t someone who usually got excited for class (Care of Magical Creatures excluded), but this year was different. This year, she was very, very excited. It was certain to only be getting harder, which was objectively terrible, but she was more equipped and more motivated than ever. She was finally starting her second year after having to repeat the first year, she had some text-to-audio enchanted items to help her with her homework, and she was super ready to take this year by storm.

She did like Spellwork because of how practical it was, and in fact, it was one of the few classes she had ever done decently in. Maggie could swish and flick with the best of them, as long as you didn’t ask her to read a paragraph to learn how to do it. Fortunately, Professor McKindy was a good teacher (and her Head of House!) and he was always willing to help her outside of class, so since he was the most accessible to her after class hours, she went to him the most.

To that end, he probably knew her pretty well, so answering personal questions didn’t register on her radar as weird until the first year next to her said something about it. Although maybe “said” was a bit too gentle way of putting it: she kind of exploded with it. Maggie offered the younger girl a kind smile. “My name’s Maggie,” she said. “There, now you know my name. I’m a second year Cetus. I like animals. And I’m really nice!” Her grin grew. “Now you know some extra stuff about me, too. Does that make you feel a little bit better?”

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