Sept. 26, 2020, 2:28 p.m.

And four eyes are better than two

Wynonna would be a really good counselor, Madeleine decided. Counselors were all about figuring out what made people tick and helping them tick better. That was what made Dad so good at being RMI’s counselor: he had good advice for literally everything that could happen to a student.

“That’s so cool! Do you ride your horses? I’ve never been horseback riding.” She read a lot of books where the heroines rode winged horses or unicorns, but the opportunity had never come up so far. Madeleine was holding out hope for the new Magizoobotany professor to make it happen—they could totally bring a herd of Granians or Aethonans down to the outdoor classroom (just not Abraxans, they were way too big to go in the elevator). As for snakes, Madeleine was not the kind of miss who was put off by a hiss. Snakes had personalities and could be cuddly and affectionate just like any other pet… buuuuut if she had the choice Madeleine probably wouldn’t pick a pet snake. The Tennant-McKindys had Circe (their cat that was mostly Aaron-Dad’s) and Caliban (their blue and gold macaw that was mostly Dad’s) and Jennyanydots (the puffskein that was all Madeleine’s), and she thought most of them would be scared of a snake no matter how cuddly it was.

Listening to Wynonna, Madeleine decided to add reading and drawing and singing and solving mysteries to her list. It sounded like a cockatrice-egg situation, whether she liked something because of her personality or whether liking something was part of her personality. Either way she thought that it should be part of the list, and also it seemed like she had enough things on the list to do the next part of the assignment.

Madeleine opened her book and flipped to the wand wood appendix. According to the text book, English oak wielders were loyal and had strength, courage, and fidelity. And they were good at working with plants and animals! “This is spot on for me,” Madeleine announced. “What else does it say about sycamore? Let’s see… looks like they get bored easily. Do you think your wand is like that?”

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