Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

Sept. 26, 2020, 3:43 p.m.

I have a few in my hand

Madeleine missed Aunt Cindra and baby (not so much of a baby anymore!) Rhubarb, but Professor Brooks seemed really fun, too. She had fun colored hair, and she and Dad had totally bonded over theater and performing and costuming stuff, and now Dad was thinking they could maybe do Camelot at some point. Madeleine didn’t mind that idea once he said that of course he would let girls play the knights. But she was still hoping for Annie because it would be really fun to play one of the orphans even if she didn’t get Annie. But if she got to wear armor in Camelot that would also be very, very cool.

A lot of the time professors said you should wear practical clothes for classes like Magizoobotany and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but Madeleine knew how to have adventures while wearing a skirt, so today she’d picked a knee length dress patterned with sunflowers and a few animated ladybugs, and worn shorts underneath just in case. You never knew when you’d have an obstacle course or a lesson where you learned a spell that hung people upside down by their ankles. Defense Against the Dark Arts was just like that sometimes.

And seeing the setup Professor Brooks had created, today was definitely going to be one of those days. Not an obstacle course, but a maze. So fun! Mazes were like mysteries that you had to walk through to solve the puzzle. Madeleine moved to the front of the group to listen to their instructions. She usually sat at the front of the classroom to make sure she had her listening ears on, and she was still short enough that she probably wouldn’t block anyone’s view of the teacher (allegedly she was going to get a growth spurt some time soon but it had definitely not happened yet). She shot her hand into the air and answered “Expelliarmus, the Disarming Charm,” when Professor Brooks called on her.

Being a second year was nice because it meant that Madeleine was right in the middle for most of her classes: with her first year under her bright yellow belt, she could teach the new firsties, but she still had things to learn from the third years. So whoever she worked with, it would be great! Madeleine was looking around to choose who to ask to be partners when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“I’d love to!” she chirped to the younger girl. Madeleine had never once turned down an invitation to be partners. And she just loved working with first years. She drew her wand, moving toward the maze entrance. “Do you think there’s anything to find in the maze, like a prize at the middle or a way out or something, or do we just keep walking around in it until class is over? Oh, I’m Madeleine Tennant, by the way,” she added just in case. Professor McCloud had them say their names every class but sometimes it was hard for people to remember, even in a school as small as RMI.

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