Sept. 26, 2020, 4:01 p.m.

Oh good, we have something in common

Maggie’s astonishment about having to choose just one favorite animal was oddly delightful to Paola. “Current favorite, then?” Paola offered as a compromise. “And do you get to see more of the animals because your mom’s friend works at a zoo?” Paola tried to remember if she’d ever been to a zoo. Maybe she had a long time ago, on a visit to the United States. She remembered going to parks in Indonesia and getting to see komodo dragons (which weren’t real dragons) and fire crabs, and going hiking in Tunisia with Aunt Sara and Aunt Tima and seen antelopes and camels and re’em up, but she couldn’t remember if she had been to a proper zoo. She felt like Dad had talked about going at some point...which would maybe explain why she hadn’t gone. Because, right, he’d been busy.

Speaking of Dad, Maggie was asking about the embassy. And parents, plural. Ouch. It must be nice to have two of them. Paola wasn’t sure what her reaction to that plural had looked like to Maggie, and she wasn’t sure if she should explain it at all. “My dad’s not an ambassador, but he works for one,” Paola explained. She still sounded reasonably calm, so that was something to be proud of, she supposed. “In Tunisia. Before that, we were in Indonesia. And I suppose Dad must have been assigned somewhere else before that, but I was too little to remember. You said you’ve moved around a lot, too. Where have you lived? If that’s not too personal.”

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