Sept. 26, 2020, 10:19 p.m.

But definitely the wrong pairing

Considering his interaction with Ryonon so far, which was not making him very optimistic that she was a good connection to have at RMI, he was not expecting to be thanked. As a result Dmitry was surprised when she did thank him, although much less surprised that it didn’t sound like a very genuine thanking. “You are most velcome,” he returned, being pointedly extra polite to make up for her lack of manners. (He knew better than to hope that she would figure this out and step back to offer any apologies. In both tone and expression she was giving him a very Nadezhda feeling and his sister was not one to step back to anyone, except possibly their even younger sister, if their parents were watching.)

The first thing that the girl decided to say about herself was that she was smart. It was a good thing that she was busy writing, or else she might have seen Dmitry start rolling his eyes and then struggle to hold it back. Now pretending to be looking at something interesting on the ceiling, he made a noncommittal hum of acknowledgement as she continued listing off all the great things about herself. Did she really think that considering herself smart had an effect on how long her wand was or what was inside of it? It was the opposite of smart to think like that, really. But he was not about to argue with a classmate over something this silly. Or not quite yet.

The blonde had no idea what a cultural anthropologist was or how it was related to dead people. Dmitry wrinkled his nose. The way Ryonon had said it, she seemed pleased with herself, like it was special that she wanted to work with dead people instead of being… honestly? Super boring. Dmitry had seen dead people at funerals before, most recently, a great-aunt whom he had never even met while she was still alive. The first time he had thought it would be interesting and had followed his parents up to the casket a little nervously, but dead people really just looked like they were alive people except asleep and also not breathing. Funerals were a long, elaborate process followed by a longer meal, much like going to church on holy days. It was an obligation that he tolerated out of respect but didn’t really care for at all.

Turning back to her question, Dmitry nodded. “Of course he means this too. History is a big part of who you are,” he asserted. And she thought she was smart? That was the most obvious piece for this assignment. Most of what he had thought of writing for himself could be directly linked to his family, or his home, or other things about his past. Being the only boy and oldest child, for instance - it led to things like his leadership skills and responsibility, or acting as a peace-maker between his sisters, or being wise enough not to pick arguments with people not worth his time. He leaned over to see what Ryonon had added. “‘Prepared’,” he read it aloud, and looked up at her, weighing up whether or not to ask... but he was curious. “You vant to study death, and that means you are prepared, but why are you vanting to study death?” Weighing up the temptation further, he decided to give in just this once and added in a lower mutter, just in case the professor overhead, “And does your wand even care? Let me to guess, it has a Thestral core, da, and you will do dead-raising Dark magic with it?”

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