Summer Brooks

Sept. 27, 2020, 3:47 p.m.

Set phasers to stun!

Slowly but surely, Summer found herself becoming used to the school routine at Rocky Mountain International. It was nothing like being homeschooled on different fairgrounds or in rehearsal spaces. She thought being underground would be the biggest adjustment, but actually the structure made her feel pretty stifled. Breakfast, classes, lunch, homework, dinner, bed. There was no time for fun.

It was cool, though, to get to know about all this magic stuff. She’d done a little bit with her homeschooling, but it was more about show magic than practical magic. She knew how to light a small fire, shoot sparks, all that stuff that Muggles thought was soooo cool, but she liked learning about these more serious magical arts: potions, theory, spellwork.

Having her mom as a teacher took a little getting used to. They had the same last name, so everyone could figure it out, and they probably had by now. She hadn’t really talked about it to anyone, so she had no idea what her classmates thought of her mom. Probably for the best - Summer was very big on her family. She really missed her Faire family and the little group they’d made together. Jason and Ramona wrote her, but it wasn’t the same.

She could tell her mom felt a little bad about changing their lives so abruptly, because she’d gotten Summer some new clothes. She loved putting on her sky blue dress, pastel yellow leggings, and her brown Peter Pan flats under her school robes. She braided her strawberry blonde hair into two braids before breakfast, and after she’d enjoyed a meal of scrambled eggs (another perk - so many food options!), she made her way to the Practical Lab to see what her Mom had planned.

Oh boy, it was going to be an adventure!

Summer’s freckled face broke out into a huge grin, seeing the labyrinth in front of them. She stayed towards the back and let the other kids answer the questions - last thing she wanted was for other kids to assume she was stuck up or a teacher’s pet. She liked Defense Against the Dark Arts okay, but she thought something with plants or animals was more her speed. She waited for another student to approach her, too, trying this whole “don’t be too much for people” thing in her mom’s class.

When another student - Dmitry, she thought? One skill from Faire life meant she learned new names really quickly - asked if she wanted to work with him, she nodded excitedly. “That’s perfect! I’m just okay at the spells, but I like mazes. We would do them all the time on the road.” She pulled out her wand and nodded at the entrance. “Sounds like we could be a good team!”

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