Sept. 27, 2020, 4:46 p.m.

You never know what could happen!

If Rhia were the type of person to swear, even inside her head, she would have called Dmitry a smartass at this point just because of his tone of voice. But she didn’t swear, because swearing was an indication of a limited vocabulary and she had an excellent vocabulary, thank you. There was nothing about McKindy’s instruction that indicated that one’s past should be involved in this particular activity. It wasn’t as though she was an intelligent person because she lived with her aunt, who taught doctoral courses. In fact, it was exactly the opposite. Rhia had demonstrated that she was too smart for public school and had then been sent to live with her aunt for homeschooling purposes. She thought it was important that she was homeschooled because it allowed her to be more open-minded than the people who were restricted to the public school curriculum, and it allowed her to be more creative than they were too, but those were things she could write down independently of the actual homeschooling.

Just to make the point that there was no ‘of course’ involved in that, instead of writing ‘homeschooled’ down, Rhiannon chose to write ‘open-minded’ and ‘creative’ as Dmitry was asking her about her interest in death rites, which of course, quickly turned into what could only be mockery. He had probably gone to public school.

“Firstly,” she said, putting down the quill and leveling a glare at her partner, “it is not called dead-raising magic. It is called necromancy. Secondly, nobody in their right mind wants to do necromancy. And thirdly, my wand is actually silver lime and jackalope antler fragment. And jackalopes are whimsical, so pretty much the opposite of thestrals. Just because I’m interested in how cultures interact with life’s end doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of,” she wrinkled her nose, “emo goth kid, or something. I’m an academic.”

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