Rhiannon Taren

Sept. 27, 2020, 5:12 p.m.

Testing our reflexes?

Overall, Rhiannon had found Defense Against the Dark Arts to be an exceptionally interesting class. She thought that Professor Brooks was an interesting person, and she was pretty sure that one of her yearmates, Summer, was her daughter. They were both just a little much, and although Rhia hadn’t really spent time talking to Summer, that seemed like the sort of thing that ran in families. Rhiannon was reserved and thoughtful, much like her aunt, and not much at all like her parents. When she was little she had been much more talkative, but she knew now that it was better to think about things and only say them once you were positive that you were right, or at the very least could defend your argument.

However, she would admit that she was annoyed that Professor Brooks didn’t call on her when she raised her hands to answer her question. In Rhiannon’s opinion, she was one of the best students in Defense and it wasn’t fair that she didn’t get the chance to respond to the question. So it was with at least mild annoyance that Rhia looked around for a partner for the class. It seemed a little silly for them to wander around in the dark shooting spells at anything that moved, but on the other hand, she would admit that she didn’t have a better way of assessing the defensive magic skills of a group of students. Or a group of people, in general. It wasn’t precisely the sort of practical skill that you really saw assessed in a university environment, especially with doctoral students who, when it came to cultural anthropology, where much busier writing their dissertations than taking silly exams.

One day, that would be Rhia. Unfortunately, that day was not today, and today she had to find someone to partner with. She hadn’t worked with Dmitry since that first Spellwork class and had no real urge to do so again, ever. It was likely that at some point in the next six and a half years they would be partnered up once more, but that was a problem for later. Her first inclination was to work with Paola, but once Rhiannon had realized that and looked for her roommate, she had already been claimed by one of the more chirpy upperclasswomen.

Other than those two preferences, Rhia was more or less neutral on the rest of her classmates. She didn’t particularly like the twin boys who were in third year - it was clear that they were both complete slackers, and Rhiannon was almost positive that she’d seen one of them let someone copy his homework once, which was entirely unethical and which she would have gone to a professor about, if she’d had proof. So someone aside from the slacker twins would be great, essentially. Since that was her only criteria and there was someone standing about four paces looking equally alone, Rhia decided they might as well partner because all she really knew about most people by this point was their names.

“Would you like to work with me for this exam?” Rhia asked. “It appears as though neither of us have a partner as such.”

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