Sept. 27, 2020, 5:34 p.m.

You're all heart(s)

Her new partner was very chirpy. Paola suddenly felt like she'd probably seen her around the Draco Common Room before (maybe it was the cadence of her voice?), and in other classes, and she was always that chirpy. How? There was no way that the other girl could be that chirpy all the time, since she was also human (probably) and had the whole range of human emotions, but Paola knew that she herself never even came close to the older girl's excited happiness. Nor did Paola feel inspired to try. Chirpiness just didn't seem like it would fit her. So instead she smiled and followed her new partner toward the maze entrance, trying to keep up with her stream of chatter. The other girl had her wand out, and Paola hurriedly pulled hers out of her pocket. Better to have it out and in hand before they entered the maze.

“Do you think there’s anything to find in the maze, like a prize at the middle or a way out or something, or do we just keep walking around in it until class is over?" the other girl asked. Paola wasn't sure if she had managed to say all of it in one breath or not.

"If I hid a surprise in the maze, I wouldn't tell anyone," Paola answered seriously after a moment of thought. "Because then it wouldn't be a surprise."

She peered over the other girl's shoulder into the entrance to the maze. It was dim inside, with far too many blind corners. "Oh, I'm Madeleine Tennant, by the way," the other girl added.

Paola was relieved that Madeleine had introduced herself before they got into the maze. Calling, "Hey you!" didn't seem like it would work well if she needed to get her partner's attention.

"I'm Paola D--" she started to reply and then noticed something hurtling down toward the doorway. "Look out!" It looked like a very large spider with plasticky fur dropping toward them with a whirring sound. Paola could see its sweater, but the whirring was distracting enough that she couldn't remember which spell went with which color, and anyway Madeleine was right in front of her and she didn't want to accidentally stun or disarm her partner. Paola took half a step to the side, feeling vaguely like she was abandoning her partner already, raised her wand, and tried to shut out the whirring sound. Protego was on her lips, but maybe she needed Expelliarmus or Stupefy?

Hopefully Madeleine knew what to do.

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