Wynonna Wakefield

Sept. 27, 2020, 5:58 p.m.

And twenty fingers are better than ten!

Wyn smiled brightly, and nodded. "Yeah! We have some muggle breeds and only an Granian and Aethonan, because mama and dad said Abraxans are too big, but I disagree. My favorite is a muggle horse actually--she's this big Black Forest, and her name's Dolly. Well, that's her nickname at least. Her show name is Downtown Doll, which is actually quite a bit shorter than other horse show names."

And then a thought popped into her head. "Maybe one day, you know, since your parents work here, my parents will let you come over and we could go riding! Wouldn't that be fun?" Also, would be a great way to show her parents she was capable of making friends. She just hoped they wouldn't have a problem with Madeleine's dads.

"From what the book says, it seems pretty accurate. I definitely get bored, a lot, so it makes sense that my wand would too. I like going places and having adventures, so that adds up as well. It seems like it fits pretty well. Are you happy with your wand, then?"

Wyn certainly enjoyed being active mentally, and was always raring to go. Her wand seemed that way too, and tended to put up a fuss (at least, in the few times it had happened) when she was laying around doing nothing. One time, it had even given her a light shock!

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