Oct. 3, 2020, 7:04 p.m.

And yet we all saw this coming

Okay, as much as he knew it had not been at all necessary, Dmitry had to admit it was a bit funny how quickly Ryonon got mad about what he had said. At home, he almost never actively tried to rile up his sisters. This was mostly because as the oldest he was expected to keep the peace more than anything else, and he took that responsibility very seriously, at least most of the time, but it was also because there just wasn’t any point in doing so. Nadia held big grudges and was too good at making comments to their shared tutor that resulted in him getting tasked with extra work, and it wouldn’t stop her from being mean when she was in a mood like that anyways, while Evgeniya was literally five and sometimes she cried if you just looked at her without making a friendly expression, which made him more interested in protecting her than teasing her. So making fun of someone he didn’t care about and who could do nothing to him was new.

The fact that Ryonon seemed to think he was an idiot was much less funny, though. For example, of course he knew it was not actually called dead-raising magic; he had studied magical theory mostly in Russian, which used different words, and it was easier and faster just to use a description instead of trying to think of exactly the right English word. Dmitry was quick to defend himself with this. ”First, it is not called necromancy in any of my languages. Second...” Okay, she had a point there. Nothing good could come of trying to raise the dead. ”Second, of course. But thank you for making me know you ’ave a right mind.” Not that anyone in the wrong mind who was pro-neceomancy would actually admit to it, he was certain, but he would graciously refrain from dragging the point out.

”Third, that proves it!” Dmitry had spoken this more enthusiastically than he intended, which might rile her up even more, but it was true. ”Your wand is not related to you. Not in your death studies, and not in personality.” Jackalopes had been presented to him as playful animals, and Ryonon was clearly not at all a playful type of person. ”Just like mine,” he added, in a more normal voice, gradually remembering that he was supposed to be good at de-escalating and even if it was fun to make someone mad, that didn’t mean it was necessarily right to keep doing. ”My wand core is a verewolf vhisker, and the most it ’as related to me is that I like dogs, but dogs is not even my favourite animal.” Dmitry shrugged, indicating how relevant he found that. He then moved to the most strange part of what she had exploded in saying. ”Four, vhat is a emo goth kid? It is not good?” he guessed from her expression.

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