Oct. 17, 2020, 8:21 p.m.

Did we, though?

While Rhiannon knew that ‘necromancy’ wasn’t a word in all languages, she thought that it was a bit dim of Dmitry to say that it wasn’t a word in any of his languages, when one of his languages was clearly English, since they were speaking it. Maybe it wasn’t his first language - well, it clearly wasn’t his first language - and Rhia could not say with certainty that she would have known better had she studied any other language herself, but at a guess she would say that if she were to attend a magical school in a country not her own, that spoke a language that she did not speak natively, that yes, she would probably go out of her way to learn the different words for different types of magic in that language. Since it was a magical school. Key word, magical. So yes, Rhia thought it was perfectly fair for her to judge Dmitry on his use of such a non-academic phrase as ‘dead-raising magic’ in an academic environment, especially since the actual raising the dead part wasn’t necessarily all of necromancy. Aspects also included communicating with the dead, which Rhia thought was mostly hooey although she would not have minded doing so, if it were real. It wasn’t of course, though. The only way you could really communicate with the dead was by talking to an actual ghost, and although you could probably call that necromancy on a technicality, it wasn’t what one normally meant by the term.

She was about to point that out, but instead got caught up in the fact that Dmitry managed to call her sane in the absolute most insulting way possible. Of course she had a right mind! She had a very intelligent mind, and he had absolutely no reason to think otherwise. Rhiannon, on the other hand, was just gathering reasons to think that Dmitry had, as he would probably put it, a ‘wrong mind’.

And then he went ahead and insulted her by saying her wand wasn’t related to her. And while Rhiannon wouldn’t call herself whimsical, she was certain that there were other traits that jackalopes had, traits which had spoken to her when she picked up her silvery wand at the wand shop. And then on top of that he went on to say that his wand had a whisker from a werewolf in it! What sort of absolute nonsense was that!

“Well that’s just inhumane,” Rhia said, entirely glossing over Dmitry’s inquiry about emo goth kids. She didn’t need to waste her time explaining basic culture to someone who was clearly participating in the exploitation of humans cursed with lycanthropy. “Werewolves are just people, and their whiskers are important parts of their sensory experience. And also, werewolves are absolutely nothing like dogs! Dogs are dogs, people are people, and werewolves are just people who happen to struggle with lycanthropy. You might as well have a human ear in there, or be eating finger kabobs for lunch!” Okay that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration but Rhiannon really did think that it was cruel and unusual to be using parts of werewolves in wands. It was worse than taking advantage of centaurs or merpeople, because they only displayed human-like intelligence, they weren’t actual humans. Russia obviously had a history of human rights violations, but this was truly egregious. And for one of her classmates to be taking a part in it!

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