Oct. 18, 2020, 5:54 p.m.

And act fast! ...ish

Oh, right. Her suggestion that being in a wider area might help them find some… what did she called them? Dummies? ...anyways, it reminded Dmitry that the point of this exercise was not to be avoiding trouble, but reacting to it. And although it made no sense in the real world to be looking for trouble, he supposed that was the only way to prove he knew how to react. “Da, this is a good point,” Dmitry agreed, rolling along with her proposal quickly in case she realized that he had been thinking the opposite. Turning into the passage, he shifted so that he was walking more beside her, though still a little in front as was the gentlemanly thing to do. “You can watch that side and behind, and I will watch this side and in front?” he suggested, unthinkingly taking his eyes off the area he had just chosen in order to look towards the other student while addressing her.

In doing so he noticed it seemed like there was something in the shadows behind them, sort of near the ceiling, although it was not very clear what it actually was. Maybe some kind of bird? Hazel eyes squinting a little at it, Dmitry realized that it was first not a real alive bird but a rubber chicken, and in the same moment that it was wrapped in something green - which might not have been a sweater, but he didn’t have time to wait for it to get close enough that he could see better. “There! Expelliarmus!” he called, confidently and not at all in a slightly panicked or squeaky tone of voice as he jabbed his wand forwards. The chicken, which had been slowly and jerkily floating closer in the shadows, let out a squawk and exploded into a bunch of feathers.

Letting out a breath that he had not known he was holding, Dmitry risked a very short glance away from the feathers slowly drifting to the ground. “Are you being okay, Sunny?” he checked. “That happened so fast!” Probably it could have happened even faster, if he had been paying more attention and saw the chicken earlier than when it was right behind them, and if his guard Alyona was here she would definitely have some criticisms to share with him, but at least he had reacted in good enough time and they were not hit. That was the most important thing. Of course, the other important thing was that he keep watching all around them in case another dumb animal snuck up on them (he was still not sure why the other first year had called them dummies but it was sort of dumb to be attacked by a rubber chicken, so it made sense, in a strange way). Unfortunately, Dmitry was a little preoccupied with breathing and stuff to remember to turn back around and look ahead.

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