Oct. 25, 2020, 8:54 p.m.

Everything's clear in retrospect

Clearly, de-escalating had not worked. It had not been his best attempt - Ryonon was the type of person he already knew he would not be looking to interact with in the future, and so there was much less need to ensure they left class today on good terms with each other. But it had still been an attempt, which she had completely dismissed, and in fact she was now rudely trying to poke holes into it. She had not bothered to even acknowledge his question about the emo goths! Dmitry did his best to keep a straight face, and succeeded (for now), but on the inside he was feeling very grumpy about how quickly she had turned this around.

If only he had their family dogs with him. They kept a pack of massive ovcharkas, bred by his grandparents for both protection and loyal companionship, and Dmitry himself stood only a head taller than the adult dogs. If they had been looking on, he was certain the girl would not be throwing such a tantrum over his wand core, of all the stupid things.

“I did not say verewolfs are like dogs, only that it is the closest thing we ‘ave in common,” Dmitry repeated himself, trying to sound patient instead of irritated, and again succeeding (for now). “If you are going to ‘ave a tantrum over it, you can at least pay attention.” Okay, he was definitely sounding irritated now. He could hear it himself, and felt a frown coming on as well. Maybe it was for the best that he not keep wasting his time trying to be nice. At this point, their conversation - if it could properly still be called that - was far beyond salvaging.

“But now you ‘ave said it, da, verewolfs are like dogs. In volf form they are not people, and need potions to even keep a human mind. And like dogs, vhiskers can fall out. It is normal, and good to use in wands instead of being thrown away. Do you also get mad at people who ‘ave a core of veela hair or vampire skin?” he inquired, very rhetorically. Obviously it was not a real question, because again, these things were normal. And obviously Ryonon would be against it anyways.

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