Dakota Farnon

Nov. 27, 2020, 12:49 p.m.

Never too late, I guess

The holidays had been very...holiday-y. Since Rose and Emmett got engaged (barf) there was really no getting out of going to Emmett’s for the holidays and there were way too many people there. By which Dakota meant, people. Emmett’s family was loud and very family-like, which was something Dakota still wasn’t used to. They tried to include her in things when really she just wanted to be camped out in a corner, possibly with some food, texting her friends because thank Merlin, her phone worked there. Mostly. She didn’t want to be making any calls but nobody called anyone mostly anyway - Dakota’s Boston friends said that old people still called people, but being from a magical family Dakota had literally no frame of reference for that. Her father certainly didn’t use a cell phone. Which was probably a good thing, because she suspected her quiet escape from the family home would have been made significantly more complicated if they had any real means of communication other than owl post. As it was, their father hadn’t even bothered to post a holiday card this year, which neither Rose nor Dakota actually minded.

Upon arriving back at RMI, pretty much the first thing that Dakota had done was go visit Pearl Street, in part to let her job know that she was back, and in part to meet up with David. She hadn’t seen him over the holiday because even though she could Apparate now (she’d actually passed her test with flying colors on the first try) he’d been tied up with extended family, not all of whom were wizarding. Although not seeing David had been less than great, Dakota was also definitely not ready to meet any of his family. She didn’t know much about dating - she didn’t know if they were dating, for example - but she did know that meeting families was a big deal, especially for queer people.

After that, she’d gone back her dorm and gotten her stuff ready for classes. She had actually managed to get her grades up the past year and a half, and intended to keep them that way. If she wanted to be a Cursebreaker, she had to be able to get into a school with a Cursebreaker program, which meant good grades. Dakota’s grades weren’t perfect and she had been held back a year, but from what Remy had said, some schools looked for improvement over perfection, and Dakota had definitely shown improvement. Going from failing everything to Es and Os was improvement.

Potions was her first class after Midterm, and she got ready with a mind for the fact that she was going to be working with potions ingredients and those sometimes exploded. Much less now that Kit had dropped the class - possibly the best decision Kit had ever made - but the occasional explosion was still to be expected. Dakota herself hadn’t blown anything up in at least two years, which she saw as an excellent statement on her academics and attention to detail. Still, instead of wearing something that she particularly cared about, she put on an older pair of skinny jeans and a more fitted purple top that had black stripes across it and three-quarter-length sleeves. She did still go with heeled boots though, mostly because she really loved heels despite the added height. With help, she’d learned to do pretty much everything in heels she could do in sneakers, and that was pretty great.

When Dakota walked into class, she took her standard seat in the middle of the room because she wasn’t a suck-up (Professor Rob wasn’t exactly a professor you could suck up to anyway) but she also was no longer a failing loser who sat in the back. She listened to the professor explain what they were doing, which was pretty cool and definitely not in their textbook, but wondered why he spent so much time explaining that they shouldn’t lick or eat the ingredients. Kit wasn’t in this class anymore, so who was the warning actually for? Dakota looked around and after some consideration, decided it was probably for either Eugene or that weird Aussie kid. Possibly both. They were both Kit-like in some ways, and she was pretty sure they’d been responsible for at least a few explosions in their time in the Advanced Potions class.

Thankfully it wasn’t a group work project, but Dakota did think it was annoying that they needed to keep an eye on someone else while also doing their own assignment. Ignoring the person next to her at the lab bench, she went to collect her glass object. Quickly surveying them, she decided on a compact, because it was easy to casually pull that out pretty much anywhere. Dakota reached out her hand to grab one, but immediately collided with someone also trying to grab one of the glass backings.

“Sorry,” she said, moving her hand above the other person’s arm to grab the compact. Then she looked at the glass backing they had chosen. “Interesting,” Dakota commented, somewhat sardonically. It was definitely not a choice she herself would have made.

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