Nov. 27, 2020, 6:50 p.m.

It's always too late for karaoke

Yeah, of all the things you could choose for this assignment, Elliot Phippen had definitely gone for the one that Professor Rob had only put there so he could make fun of whoever picked it up. There was just no humanly way to wear mirrored sunglasses and not look like someone who was trying way too hard to be cool. Which is why it seemed like a weird choice to Dakota for Elliot to pick the mirrored sunglasses - he didn’t seem like the sort to try that hard to be cool. He had been on Dakota’s periphery for awhile, they had a few classes together and there was a period of time where Kit absolutely would not shut up about how Elliot was “basically the antichrist” (a term Dakota had quietly asked someone else to define later) but overall she couldn’t really say that she had more than a strong impression of Elliot. And that impression didn’t really go with, well, mirrored sunglasses.

“You just don’t seem like the sort of person who needs that,” Dakota gestured at the glasses, “to y’know, feel cool.” What did she know about Elliot? He was into Muggle games, he took decent classes, rumor was he was bi, and he was the antichrist. Half of that was according to Kit though, so she had to take it with a grain of salt. Still, not the sort of person she’d peg for mirrored sunglasses. Admittedly, the options they had were kind of weird and yeah if you wanted a portable Foe-Glass you had fewer options, although there was that watch thing there, and what looked like some sort of wand holster made of leather, with what looked like a glass circle on either side at the top, just smaller than the one in the compact she was holding.

“I guess if you want functional there aren’t that many choices,” Dakota conceded. She looked at her compact. “Too bad you don’t wear make-up, you can use a compact for everything. There was this Italian witch who sold poison disguised as make-up in the 1600s or something and she helped hundreds of women kill their husbands before getting caught.”

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