Joseph Blair

Jan. 9, 2021, 11:25 a.m.

I'm not who you're looking for

Once he got his freedom as a fourthie, Joey’d picked not to carry on with Spellwork. He’d never wanted to think of himself as a bookish type, but over three years he’d learned quick as that the wand-wavey mods didn’t really click on for him. Measuring out stuff so that potions wouldn’t go bang or bluffing through ol’ Sam’s fairytales (supposedly all real history but c’mon, goblin wars were straight outta Middle Earth) was more his speed, and also heaps more interesting.

But Jarrett said Spellwork today was gonna be a dardy. Not that his roomie had used that word exactly, nor even could give him a clue what they were doin’, only that all years were supposed to be there and an all-years class was bound for topside no matter the topic. That didn’t seem quite a fair call - he couldn’t imagine Arithmo bein’ made any more fun if firsties were invited to join - but Joey had a hunch Aaron wouldn’t care if he showed up, and he had a free period anyways, so he agreed to tag on just for something to do.

‘Course he was left slapping himself (not literally) for not clueing in sooner about his roomie’s enthusiasm: when they arrived, Jarrett straight off picked a seat where he could make loris eyes at Emilia. Joey’s own darker eyes rolled to see it. He was pretty sure they’d barely spoken in the past, but now they were in separate classes, any girl talk Jarrett initiated was all about her. In a weird way it struck him as totally wack for Jarrett to be crushing on a girl in the lower years, even if they were only a year apart, but hey - a year below Emilia was Paige, and that hit too close to home (literally).

To his surprise, Aaron’s lecture was spot on interesting. Huh. When he yeeted the eraser across the room, Joey snorted a laugh and nudged Jarrett, though the dude who’d taught him the meaning of yeet was still too lorisy and missed seeing it. See, this was why crushing on your classmates was a waste: you missed out! The way Joey saw it, his best op was like, Sadie, cos outta all their classes they only had a couple together, which was the least he shared with anyone he got on well with.

As he guessed Jarrett zoned right after Emilia when the partner prompt came. Joey waved off his lameass explanation (“she speaks Spanish!”) with another eye-roll and a “Get on, ya pansy”. He stood up and did a lazy stretch, expecting some keener would approach him first, and sure enough someone did… except, nope, he recognized this student and was pretty sure they only spoke English. “If you’re nosin’ for someone multi-lingoed, it ain’t me; I know I look Asian but I got bugger all on the language.”

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