Tycho Leppit

Jan. 9, 2021, 12:49 p.m.


Aaron McKindy was a god among men.

Tycho felt his mind expanding and exploding, warping with new knowledge, swelling with triumph. This was a complete and total gamechanger.

He hadn’t expected much, wandering in a little bit late. Professor McKindy was a cool enough dude - he was Garen’s husband after all, so that made him, like, Tycho’s step-godfather? Was that a title? - but Tycho was definitely among the crowd groaning at the announcement of a lesson based class. The fourth year’s specific genre of nerdiness tended to be more science based, and as far as language stuff went, he felt very little enthusiasm. Hell, he could hardly spell in English. Writing out Latin incantations was a nightmare, which was the main reason why if there was a homework assignment he cared about or needed a good grade on, he got Sadie to proofread it before he turned it in.

But this was the best. Besides being hilarious and meme-y, it presented a whole new world Tycho had never considered. Could anything be used as an incantation, as long as the intention was clear? Even magical forces beyond their comprehension apparently understood how to YEET, so what other possibilities were there to be explored?

Professor McKindy had instructed them to pair up, but Tycho was just too excited to bother. He sat his quill on the desk in front of him, produced his wand from his backpack, and set to work. “Yeet!” he enchanted, flicking his wrist with the kind of force one might imagine with the emphatic word. The quill didn’t go flying or anything, but to his absolute delight, there was some slight perceivable movement, scooting about an inch back. Wondering if this opposite would work, he reversed his wand movement and shouted, “YOINK!” The success was even less, the quill moving only about half an inch closer to him, but Tycho considered it a success nonetheless. “This is the best day of my life,” he thought out loud.

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