Mikael Lundqvist

Jan. 9, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

I'm a sucker for magic theory

Aaron had been kind about it, but Anssi still felt a little embarrassed whenever he crossed paths with the man, which between Spellwork classes and Animagus lessons was pretty often. Logically he knew that human transfiguration was hard and screwing up was to be expected, and at least it had just been his arm instead of an organ or something harder to fix. But he prided himself on studying carefully and being able to do things at least somewhat well on the first try, so the fact he’d been left hiding a hoof for most of a day while waiting to catch Aaron between classes was still a little sore to think about. At least he’d left with some advice for the next time he attempted a transformation... and also made the decision to do so with another person present. Having a witness both sounded even more embarrassing but also way smarter than risking a disaster alone in his dorm.

Today’s meeting with Aaron was not for Animagus training but Spellwork, and had been announced as an all-years class, too. He wasn’t sure what to expect but, guessing it would be more of a practical lesson, the blonde prepared for that, dressing comfortably with jeans and a striped tee visible under his open robes. As always, his Prefect badge was pinned to the front of his robes. Being a Prefect wasn’t normally relevant in classes, especially with the older students either already knowing who he was or causing drama of the type he couldn’t help with, but with younger years present, he figured it couldn’t hurt to be identifiable.

To his surprise, class started with spell theory. It wasn’t the level of theory they went over in advanced classes, but it was still enough that he was less surprised when glancing around the room to notice a couple of the younger students looking dazed. At the same time, even though Aaron’s explanation was simple to understand, the concept was baffling. How had it never occurred to him that spells could be cast in other languages? To be fair, he hadn’t had any real exposure to the magical world until moving to America, and he’d only ever studied at RMI which despite the international population was a very English-based school, but surely his siblings would have said something? But neither of them talked much about their time at Durmstrang, and both used mostly nonverbal magic (Dagny for housework, Ruben for terrorizing people), so maybe it made sense they hadn’t mentioned it. Maybe they didn’t even know; as power-obsessed as his brother was, Ruben had always made it clear that he focused his energy on skills he considered useful, and he was alarmingly magically strong without integrating Swedish in his spells.

Whatever the reason, this was a completely new perspective, and Anssi was hooked. Pulling out his wand, he gave it a flick. “Ljus.” It happened immediately, not as bright as a Lumos would, but there was a noticeable light at the tip of his wand. Unsure what the best word would be to extinguish it, he decided to try just a simple “Sluta” and was pleased to see that it worked. Noticing another student watching him, he grinned and waved them over, assuming they wanted to partner up. “This is incredible, yeah?” he half-asked, half-enthused. “Changing the words - it’s so small, and it seems like a natural step towards casting nonverbally. I wish I had thought of trying this earlier.”

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