Remington Burnham

Jan. 9, 2021, 8:19 p.m.


Despite her crazy schedule, Remington would never be mad about a surprise required Spellwork lesson for all years. She already saw a lot of Professor McKindy between Spellwork classes and Animagus lessons, but it was her last year at Rocky Mountain International. Most students weren’t aware of how smart and impressive their Spellwork professor was! But Remington, early in her time at the underground school, looked up some of his work. He’d created some spells and had really cool research out there - there was only one Professor Aaron McKindy, and she felt bad for the spellwork theory professors she’d face at Duke and UNC Chapel Hill. They had a lot to live up to.

...if she got into the Duke program, anyway. Damn it, Remington, stop thinking about it.

Back to thinking about how awesome Professor McKindy was instead.

Today was a great example: they were going to try using languages and words besides the typical Latin-based ones for spells! Merlin, she appreciated Professor McKindy. Her summertime friend, Chloe, once accused Remington of having a schoolgirl crush on the Cetus Head of House because of how much she rambled about him. Clearly, the Draco denied this - she wasn’t one to have inappropriate crushes! ...well, okay, there was the one tiny crush on Ruben that lasted just for a moment way back when, but no one needed to talk about that.

(Thank goodness she never developed that kind of a crush on Professor McKindy. It would make dating his son very weird.)

She shed her robes when it was time to find a partner, keeping her Head Girl badge pinned to her champagne pink sweater. She often didn’t mind being Kit’s partner, because many didn’t like to and she and Kit were kind of okay now, but for this class? This lesson? Remington wanted to enjoy it, not half-focus on that and half-focus on making sure Kit didn’t hurt anyone or herself with her enthusiasm.

Immediately, she spotted Anssi. Perfect! She loved working with Anssi in class and outside of class, and he spoke another language. She grinned when he waved her over, ready to work. Pulling her wild curls back as best as she could, she nodded and barely held back her excitement. She practically bounced instead of standing still.

“It’s so cool! I can’t believe I never thought about it, too.” She only knew a little bit of Spanish - her mother’s relatives loved lamenting over how woefully monolingual Remington was - so she was curious about how Anssi’s attempts had fared so far. “Does your family use Swedish for spells at all? My mom’s from Mexico, but I don’t spend enough time with her family to know if they use Spanish for some of their spells. It would be so cool to do some kind of… I don’t know, a study abroad project to different countries to learn about linguistic blending for spellwork!” Realizing she’d rambled a bit too much, she flushed. “Sorry. Just a little high strung; it’s awesome to have something cool like this to focus on.”

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