Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

Jan. 9, 2021, 8:22 p.m.

RIGHT! Also what?

Aside from his lecture notes scrawled in the Cyrillic alphabet, there were not many opportunities for Dmitry to use his first language at school. Or either of his first languages, since technically he had two - even though they lived in Vladivostok, both his childhood nanny and his guard were in his mother’s service, directly recruited from the Kovalchuk’s historic estate in Kyiv. As a result Dmitry spoke Russian and Ukrainian interchangeably, both out of long familiarity and the fact that they were practically the same language (although he didn’t need to be the son of a politician to know not to express that opinion to anyone from either country).

So today’s class was an exciting change! He knew that it was possible to do spells in other languages, because his father often used Russian, but he had always assumed that this took a long time and much practice, since even his tutors at home had taught him using the same Latin-based spells that they used at RMI. But according to Professor McKindy, this was not the case and you could use any words to do spells as long as they had the right intention. That was just… wow, and gave him a lot of questions, too. For example, what if he tried inventing a spell? Could he just pick a random Russian word and say it forcibly and make something happen?

That sounded like it had the potential to be very cool and also very maybe explosion-y, and if he was going to try it Dmitry guessed he should probably find an older student to work with. Luckily there were a lot of older students in Spellwork today to choose from. He quickly spotted Tycho and went straight for him, since they had worked together before and he knew he was a fun partner to have - or uh, not just fun but also a useful partner, yes that too.

As he approached Dmitry overheard his spells and scratched his head, confused, messing up previously-flat light brown hair. It was great Tycho was having a good day, but he had never heard that word before. “What did you say, yoink?” he asked, trying the word and definitely butchering it. Russian had a lot of y-sounds, but this was a weird vowel. “What language is that from?” It sure wasn’t a language he recognized! Neither had been yeet, which Professor McKindy said earlier, but Professor McKindy used a lot of words he didn’t understand so it hadn’t really registered. Although maybe… He had a strike of inspiration. “Oh! Is it being the same language as yeet?”

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