Jan. 9, 2021, 9:36 p.m.

TLDR; McKindy is God now

Tycho was fully in the zone, yeeting and yoinking his quill back and forth centimeters across his desk, so he was a little surprised when somebody spoke to him, inquiring about his yoinketry. He glanced up, and, oh, hey, it was his plucky foreign buddy from Cultural Studies. Dmitry was a decent kid, albeit maybe racist (to be determined)? But Tycho didn’t really want to get into blood feuds at school, so he didn’t really talk about that stuff when he could help it. One time Drew kicked this kid’s ass over that stuff, which was still the coolest thing that had ever happened. He knew he wasn’t supposed to applaud violence, but damn, it made Drew seem even cooler.

He did his best to stifle a laugh at the question about language. Dmitry was like Lithuanian or something, so obviously he wouldn’t know why it was funny, and Tycho didn’t want to hurt the kid’s feelings, but objectively, that was a hilarious question. “They’re English slang words,” he clarified. “You say ‘yeet’ when you throw something, and you say ‘yoink’ when you pull it closer to you. They’re opposites, basically, so since McKindy got one to work, I wanted to try the other.”

The fact that either of them worked at all was still amazing and hilarious and cool, and he debated sending McKindy a gift basket or something later for introducing this concept to him. “Now that I’m on the topic, I wonder if ‘Kobe’ would do anything…” he pondered aloud. Then, realizing Dmitry would have heard and would have more questions, he added, “Kobe is a basketball player’s name. Sometimes you say that when you throw stuff too. It’s a little different than ‘yeet’ though. ‘Yeet’ is for distance, ‘Kobe’ is for accuracy.”

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